With the recent rise in popularity of destination & beach weddings, Linen attire has been the go-to choice for men. Our Beach Wedding Grooms shirts although popular in just white, are available in 34 fabric color choices, 250 embroidery colors, numerous button and fabric color contrasting options. Visit our samples page to see some of our fabric color choices.

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Weddings On The Beach

Beach weddings have become the newest buzz, gaining popularity over traditional weddings in the past 20 years, and why not? After all there seems to be something very special and natural when combining a non-rehearsed spritual union with the beauty of nature all around you and your guests. Whats more, beach ceremony's also tend to save money during these stressful economic times, and lets face it, your guests will love you for it!

Its tough to make sense out of it when you figure with traditional weddings you spend hours picking out the decor and paying for the flowers yet at the beach the flowers and decor are already chosen and all around. Traditional wedding ceremony's involve picking out the music, patterns, and colors, yet at a nice island getaway, the sound of crashing waves backed with vivid colors and patterns are things that can never be duplicated.

Most of all however, the celebration of your natural love is best done in a setting where the best nature has to offer is presented, where the spirit of the the rest of your life in love can be made under a portrait of beauty, fun, and lightheartedness!

For the grooms attire, is a suit really appropriate?

Sure suits are appropriate, but the overall question is a suit the right fit for you and what type of suit is the best choice for your destination alternative? Rest assured it is an easy answer to a highly queried question. Linen suits have always been the correct answer for the beach because of their innate natural fiber construction lending a satisfying breath-ability factor, while never sacrificing the smart look. Comfort in clothing is a big part of comfort in any situation, especially when considering getting hitched on the beach. A quality linen suit will leave the groom cool and collected on what could be a stressful day without the correct attire.

What about the wrinkle factor?

Poorly constructed linen suits using a cheaper linen fabric can have a tendency to wrinkle. High quality suits are constructed with a heavier weight suiting linen, while used in conjunction with high quality construction such as full lining, does not tend to wrinkle as many would suggest.

Beyond Suits

The main question that comes to mind here is why wear non appropriate formal attire to a casual event on the beach? Traditional suits not only tend to be binding, uncomfortable and extremely hot (especially where weather tends to be hot and humid), but also is clearly the wrong choice for style and appeal in a beach setting. After all, you wouldnt wear shorts and flip flops to work, why wear your drab office clothes to your beach wedding?

The fact is casual weddings demand casual attire. In the same sense, natural gatherings require natural fiber attire. Linen attire for the tropical setting specifically still stands as the correct choice. While cotton also breathes nicely, it cannot match the look and appeal of linen. Silk also looks great and has the same dressy appeal as linen attire, but inhibits breathing and promotes perspiration.

Before making your choice, do your homework and get the facts before deciding because ultimately it is your comfort and look that is at stake. If youre planning a traditional church wedding being appropriate to many involves wearing a tux or wool suit, but still leaves room for other options. Planning a waterfront setting for your nuptials however? There is no room for other options, choose attire specific for beach events and you will be very satisfied in the end.

Why not both?

Designer linen attire appropriately worn under the linen suit jacket gives the best most flexible option for the grooms comfort on the beach. When the going gets hot, the choice of stripping the linen jacket without sacrificing style is a huge benefit. Look and feel is essential, but comfort and style is key.

WeddingTropics Beach Wedding Attire

With nearly 1.6 Trillion different color and style options in mens designer linen attire, we are very confident you will find the perfect match to leave lasting memorys for years!