Beach inspired wedding dresses in various fabrics including Chiffon, Satin, Lace, and Tulle. Available in 34 bright colors to match our linen shirts. Dresses are all made to order to assure proper fit and delivered in 3 weeks (in most cases), but never longer than 4 weeks.

The Total Guide for the Perfect Beach Wedding Dress - Shop Beach Wedding Dresses Now!

A beach wedding can be a beautiful and romantic event with careful planning. Any outdoor wedding venue requires some special considerations that differ from those of indoor weddings. However, you must be especially attentive to details when you are planning your big day at the beach. One of those significant areas of concern is in choosing the perfect wedding dress. Although you want to find the most flattering design of dress for your body type, the heat, sand and potential wind on the beach will have a big impact on how you look from start to finish. You will need to find the right style of dress for you and for your special surroundings. Consider the different features that you will need to decide on for your beach wedding dress and determine which ones you like as well as what will look good on you. Planning ahead will help you make a well thought out choice rather than making an impulse buy that might not be the best choice.

Consider the Details

Less is better when it comes to choosing a beach wedding dress. Even for an evening ceremony, long sleeves and a high neckline are likely to be too much. You can always purchase a matching wrap to wear during cooler evenings while still leaving you the option for a low neckline that will be more suitable for the hot daylight hours on the beach. Strapless dresses are a popular choice for summer wear and they can be used to create a look that is as elegant or casual as you want. They are a style that works for a lot of different body types and sizes. There are also one-shouldered designs, halter dresses, and more styles of open necklines so that you have choices in how revealing your dress is. If you prefer to have a dress that isnt as low-cut in the front, another option is to choose a backless style that is both comfortable and elegant.

A dress with a straight, fitted shape or in an A-line stile style has a more tailored appearance and is a flattering choice for many brides. Simplicity is the key to choosing a good style for the beach and a simple fitted dress can give you the laid-back appeal that many beach weddings are meant to convey. If you want a dress that is less form-fitting and which gives you a little more coverage, there are fuller styles that can also give a more romantic appeal. While some women choose looser styles in an attempt to appear slimmer, a tailored A-line dress may be the better choice whereas a full skirt may only add to your size. The best way to determine which style will make you look trimmer is to try on both styles to compare.

Wedding beach dresses come in all lengths including above the knee, tea length and floor length. While floor length gowns are traditionally considered the formal choice, the rules are a little different when planning a beach wedding. Since you will be walking in the sand, you may be concerned that your dress will get sand in the hem. In addition to the risk of getting your floor-length dress dirty, a shorter dress will be cooler in the sun. Another option that will let you enjoy the best of both worlds is to choose a dress with a fitted style from a company that offers custom fitting. A dress that is narrower at the hem will not be as apt to get into the sand when you move. Also, having dresses hemmed to ankle length instead of all the way to the floor is becoming a more popular choice for those who want the beauty of a long wedding gown on the beach without the worry of ruining it. For many brides, tea length dresses in which the hemline falls several inches above the ankles are the ideal choice for an elegant wedding gown that is both cooler and easier to manage on the beach. If you want to take wedding pictures in or near the water, a shorter dress that comes above the knee is a more appropriate choice.

Although a beach wedding is considered casual and more laid-back than traditional weddings, most brides still opt for traditional white or ivory. Some dresses are interchangeable as brides or bridesmaids dresses and may be available in a wide range of colors so that you can choose a bridesmaids dress in white or ivory as your beach wedding dress to get the style and traditional color that you like at a more affordable price. This choice also gives you more options to have matching bridesmaids dresses in the color of your choice.

The ideal of a beach wedding dress being light and flowing in the breeze has led to many dresses being made from light fabrics like chiffon, organza, silk and charmeuse. Using a traditional gown made of heavier fabrics like satin could spell disaster for your beach wedding! Another lightweight fabric that some wedding gowns are made from is linen. This fabric offers advantages over its synthetic counterparts because it has the natural ability to breathe. Linen will help to keep you cool by allowing the transfer of air through the fabric instead of holding it inside. While many stores offer a selection of casual wedding dresses, those that are made of heavier fabrics or are made in poufy styles with layers of fabric are not likely to be the most comfortable choice or the best looking one. Any dress that looks heavy will look out of place at the beach whether it is weighed down from the fabric or with heavy beading. Casual is not always equivalent to beach so that every wedding dress sold for a casual wedding wont be a good choice for your beach wedding. Even though you want to keep the fabric content at a minimum, choosing a dress with a full lining is always the best option. Otherwise, you will likely need to add a slip underneath that will add more to the overall weight of the dress without the smooth look that a lining can offer.

A traditional indoor wedding dress can be covered in beads, sequins and more to give it the most glamorous look possible. No matter how great it looks indoors, it will be too much when you wear it at the beach. Embellishments are acceptable on a beach wedding dress, but limit them to light accent beading, lace, or ribbons. These subtle touches can give your dress its own unique and elegant style without the heaviness of a heavily embellished gown that will only make it look like it doesnt belong outside. When you choose a wedding dress for your beach wedding, it is the style and fit that will make it stand out. All of the details covered here will play a part in making your dress the right choice that fits in for the occasion. When a dress looks like it was made for you, you will stand out in your special role!

Shopping Tips for Purchasing Your Beach Wedding Dress
Many brides prefer to shop for their wedding dress online. This gives them access to more dresses and a better chance to shop around for the best price. Unfortunately, dresses that come in standard sizes may not be the perfect fit when they arrive. If you are going to order your dress online, choose a company that actually fits your dress to your measurements. Not only will you have a dress that is custom tailored to your body, you wont have to worry about finding someone to alter the dress when it arrives too long or too short. You should also stick with wedding dresses that are designed especially for beach weddings. Compare the features of one that is listed as Casual Wedding to those given here to see how they stand up. To prevent shopping for your beach wedding dress online from becoming problematic, try out the style to see if it is the best one for you. A great way to prevent being disappointed when you try your beautiful new dress on is to go to your local bridal store and try on dresses with the same features as the one you have in mind. Take an objective friend or relative with you to give their opinion. You want to find the dress that fits your body type, not one that you will have to work your way in to in order to make yourself look good. Try different necklines, waist styles, and lengths to find out which style looks like it was made for you. If you are having trouble deciding between two different styles, it probably wont take long to make a decision once you have seen them on. When you are ready to order your dress, make sure you have plenty of time and that the company you order from offers you a guaranteed delivery date that is well ahead of your wedding. This will give you plenty of time to find accessories or make any last minute adjustments. You may also be able to find the perfect piece of jewelry to complete your dress from the same site where you get your dress. The right necklace is the perfect finishing touch for these low-neck dresses. Whether you opt for a traditional string of pearls or a shimmery necklace with diamond accent, the right necklace can add another level of glamor to your appearance.