Summer Fashions: Clothing For the Beach and Beach Weddings

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Summer is a time for vibrant colors, fun relaxed fashions, comfort, family and fun. Summer fashions reflect this time in their colors, styles and materials used in summer clothing. This is also true of clothing for the beach and in beach-side occasions like parties and beach weddings. Vibrant colors, as well as simple whites and beige’s are popular summertime options. Slacks, Capri’s and trousers are all popular options. Linens reign supreme, both in casual fashions and wedding fashions, with modern wedding gowns and linen suits at the forefront of the beach wedding fashions list.


For men casual to semi formal are all very reasonable options when it comes to clothing for the beach and summer clothing. Linen slacks, casual pants and shorts are all valid options. Hawiian and Havana shirts are a staple with flowing white casual linen slacks as well as more modern cuts and options. Grooms and groomsmen tend to lean towards slacks but often rolled up to protect them from sand and surf. Grooms can vary from suits to a more formal version of the grooms party. Sandals, shoes and bare feet are all common options, depending on the rest of the fashions.

For the ladies, clothing for the beach goes way beyond swimsuits. All manner of casual dress is acceptable for beach and summer excursions that are more formal than outright swimming. Sandals, both ankle straps and traditional are common options. Florals and vibrant prints do surface every few years, but basic linen dresses and trousers are hard to miss with as well.  For bridesmaids any number of colors are appropriate, and sandals, shoes or bare feet may suit the occasion.  For Brides white never fails, and a nontraditional higher cut gown saves on time and trouble when it comes to sand and waves.




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