What Does the Mother of the Groom Dress in for a Beach Wedding?

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The mother of the groom always has an interesting set of choices ahead of her when preparing for the wedding. Typically, the mother of the groom won’t want to outshine the bridal party. That doesn’t mean she still won’t want to look fabulous for her part in the ceremony, however, even if her part is simply sitting in the front row and providing support for the groom. Luckily, destination weddings and tropical weddings make this even easier than it is for standard weddings.

Everyone at a beach wedding typically gets a little more funky than a standard formal wedding. This is typical of the mother of the groom dress as with any other dresses. This means they tend to have more fun designing and wearing the various wardrobe choices inspired by the destination. This can be especially true for the mother of the groom who doesn’t have to hold herself to the standards or choices made by the bride, bridesmaids or the flower girls. The mother of the groom can add as much color, style and accouterments as she likes to her beach wedding ensemble, making it a fun and exciting option for moms.

On the other side of the coin is the actual dress design. Oftentimes the mother of the groom will want something a with a lower hem or slightly more modest than a younger bridesmaid or bride. This is perfectly fine and dozens of options for an appropriate mother of the groom dress for the wedding day. Adding jewelry, a shawl or other accents like hats or flowers is another way the mother of the groom can stand out in the crowd.

In short, there is an easy answer to “What does the mother of the groom dress in for a beach wedding?” She can wear whatever she wants. Destination weddings offer fun, festive and funky options to guests as well as moms who are actually in the ceremony. The mother of the groom can use these options to create whatever look she likes for her son’s special day.

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