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beach hairAt your beach wedding, one of the most important parts of your attire is your hairstyle. You need to have the perfect ‘do’ to match the wedding theme. You cannot leave anything to chance and so we will show you what needs to be done to make sure that you look your best on your wedding day. Bridal hairstyles have to be the best hairstyle at the wedding. She is the centre of attention.

Depending on whether you have chosen a formal or casual wedding attire, you can perhaps sweep you hair up and entwin it with pearls or flowers f or the formal look.  You should probably go in for the tousled look for the latter. Consider gentle curls mixed with pears or a tiara for the fairytale effect.  Whether your hair is long or short, the tousled look will not only keep you comfortable and glowing but also allow the wind to play with your hair and you can literally let your hair down. Pick the right beach wedding dresses that will complement your hair style.

Ideally, you should stick to a look that suits you best and avoid experimenting with new design. A good idea is to look through a number of photographs of model hairstyles at least a couple of months is advance and give your hair stylist plenty of time to get you the perfect “do” that is just right for the beach wedding dress that you have selected.

Apart from the cascading curls, you can also consider a loose bun such as a chignon, with a side-swept bang. Remember to take into consideration the effects of the breeze and the salt and choose a style which will help you stay picture perfect all day. Beach breezes call for a soft, relaxed wedding hairstyle that looks casual, yet polished.

Here are five tips in a nutshell which will help you have a perfect hair do.

  • Select a bridal hairstyle before selecting accessories
  • Take care of your hair
  • Schedule salon appointments early
  • Wear a button shirt after your hair is styled so that it does not mess with your hair.
  • Do not go overboard with your accessories.

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