Testimonial by Carl Neggers.

Thanks for the wonderful shirts, my groomsmen all looked great and everybody else loved them too Thanks again, Carl Neggers
Testimonial by Debbie Thorne.

I just wanted to let you know that the shirts arrived today. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I do greatly appreciate it. The shirts are beautiful, by the way! Sincerely, Debbie Thorne
Testimonial by William & Valerie Vaught.

We just wanted to say thanks for your quality products, they looked great for our wedding. They were better than expected and really made our tropical wedding perfect. Please see our attached pictures. Thank you, William & Valerie Vaught
Testimonial by Jodi Scholz.
Thank you!

We had such a great experience working with you! After we placed our order, we received an email stating that our best man's measurements didn't look quite right, and sure enough when he was re-measured, the dimensions had been written incorrectly. Had someone not been paying so much attention to detail, the shirt would not have fit at all! And even though I submitted all the correct measurements a little late, we got the shirts in time for our wedding. They turned out great-all the guys (and gals) loved them. I'll send pictures if I can figure out how... Thanks again, Jodi
Testimonial by Carolyn Schantz.

Thank you so much!!! I love the guys shirts!!! They are really nice!! My fiancé absolutely loves his shirt. I am sure the guests at our wedding will be asking where we purchased them. I will be sure to tell them Wedding Tropics! And I will be sure to mention the customer service is fantastic! Thanks again for making sure everything was perfect and got to me on time. I appreciate it! Carolyn
Testimonial by Sarah Wilkinson.

Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful shirt, and the prompt shipping. I am thrilled with the merchandise! Sarah Wilkinson
Testimonial by Christian Bowen.
Wedding Outfit WOW!!

The shrit and pants look so awesome. This wedding outfit looks as special as our special wedding day. WEDDING TROPICS did another great job. THANK YOU, Christian Bowen
Testimonial by Debbie Randall.

Thank you! I just received the package with the 6 custom shirts. They look BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see the guys try them on to see how they fit! Debbie
Testimonial by Valerie Bolton.
Many Thanks

Thank you to Teresa for responding so quickly to our dilemma. Many, many thanks to Gemma for going above and beyond to arrange for a replacement pair of pants for our groom and having them delivered to Maui with time to spare before the wedding. Many thanks also to those who stitched the new pants in such a short time span. With such a tight timeline I was concerned it could not be done. We will be forever grateful.
Testimonial by Laura Marconette.

I wanted to let you know that the shirts are beautiful. I will send you a pic from the wedding after it takes place. They turned out so well and my boys are happy with what they are wearing. Thanks a bunch for all your help!
Testimonial by Edna Peterson.

Thank you so much for the great service, we absolutely loved it!!
Testimonial by Tom Luke.

Hello, The shirts have arrived and they are beautiful. Thank you for all the hard work. Have a nice day,
Testimonial by Tony Hodge.
Facebook Testimonial

Just wanted to let your know that our order of three mens' shirts and two pairs of pants made it to New Zealand safely. They look great and are exactly as we ordered them. Can't wait to see them on site, at our wedding in Rarotonga. Thanks guys!

See original testimonial left by Tony on our facebook page here.
Testimonial by John Abbot.

We loved our wedding tropics shirts. The fit was perfect, they were easy to work with. We would highly recommend this company. John and Pearlene Abbott
Testimonial by Greg George.

Dear Wedding Tropics Customer Service-- I am very grateful to the individuals working in your customer service department (Julio, and others) for handling everything in such short order. The shirt is perfect, and I look forward to wearing it at my wedding next month. Best Regards-- Greg George
Testimonial by Geoff Isabelle.

I sent your e-mail to my bro Greg. He should send you some pics very soon, I’ll be ordering more shirts soon. I get compliments all the time on the light blue one I purchased. Love the shirts! Geoff Isabelle
Testimonial by Linda Warmath.

We received the shirt and it looks terrific and will look great for the wedding. Thank you and have a good day.
Testimonial by Corey Boni.

Hi Teresa, thanks for emailing me yes everything went well and the shirts were awesome. I have added some photos please put them in your gallery!! thank you again for all of your help. corey
Testimonial by Sarah Sumner.

I used Wedding Tropics for the groomsmen and father of the bride for our wedding in the Bahamas and everything was perfect! I could not find the colors and style that I wanted everywhere and the groomsmen were excited to have a shirt they could wear again. I would love to send pictures so you can see how well it turned it out! Thank you!!!!! Sarah Sumner
Testimonial by Laura Belisle.

I am forwarding photos of our wedding for the Photo Contest. The shirts/pants we purchased from your website were absolutely PERFECT!! Thank you for making our day that much more special. Laura Belisle
Testimonial by Laura Cline.

My husband LOVES the shirt! He wore it for Super Bowl! I have recommended people to your website! Thank you again for all you have done! What excellent customer service! Laura
Testimonial by Jeanne Herman.

We shopped everywhere first in the mall's, then at every online wedding apparel store in existence to find something special, and found nothing. It was all the same plain clothes as you would find at Macy's. It seems the best sites online are sometimes the hardest to find as we did finally find you, luckily so! Thank-you for making our wedding day special and unique. All the best!
-Jeanne Herman
Testimonial by Christel Haworth.

Thank you for taking such good care of the order for my boys pants. They fit perfectly and they looked wonderful. Your attention to detail was outstanding. Thank you for such great service. Christel Haworth
Testimonial by Tom Swanson.

A great shirt for a great wedding! Tom Swanson
Testimonial by Leah Salo & Tim Bendall.

To whom it may concern, I wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful service we received from your company recently. My husband chose your custom shirts for our wedding which was held in a national park overlooking the ocean in Australia. They were just the right amount of formal with all the detail and quality one wants in a wedding shirt but perfect for a more casual beach wedding. My husband, his best man and our fathers ranged in size from a large to an altered 4XL and they all looked great on the day - they also liked being able to choose an individual colour and pattern for the detail. We found your staff very helpful when we were getting measurements and alterations and the shirts fit wonderfully, they all looked fabulous (I have attached a photo). In addition to the wedding shirts we also ordered several other shirts from your company which were worn in the events leading up to the wedding and which the guys all still love and wear regularly. Thank you again, Leah Salo & Tim Bendall Brisbane, Australia
Testimonial by David Severa.

That's fantastic! Thank you so much for compensating for something you had no control over by shipping Next day air! You all are wonderful!
Testimonial by Dee Wint.

Hello there!

I just want to say thank you for the beautiful dresses that your company made for my bridesmaids. I got married on July 25th at the RIU Resorts in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The dresses were gorgeous and I got a lot of compliments on them. They also matched my dress perfectly. Please see the attached PICS.

Thanks again!


Testimonial by Sandi and Art Reiger.

Hi WeddingTropics: Hopefully you can use the picture attached. Thank you for the beautiful shirt. The color of the embroidery matched my dress perfectly. Take care! Sandi and Art Reiger
Testimonial by Jan Grupp.

Kevin, a couple of great photos from my daughter's wedding and TWO fabulous guayabera shirts. hope you have enjoyed summer. shirts were a big hit. Jan Grupp
Testimonial by Dawn Carskaddon.

We got married on May 9th and the shirts we purchased were just what we wanted thank you for all your help and having just what we wanted Jeremy & Dawn Carskaddon
Testimonial by Renee Caron.

We received the shirts and pants for our wedding on October 11th and the guys are so pleased with them. To have these beautiful shirts instead of a shirt and tie! The guys LOVE THEM! Thanks for everything!
Testimonial by Judith Tapper.

Dear Theresa, Thank you for all of your help with our order, and for getting the last two shirts to us on a “rush” basis after my son was late ordering them. I’ve attached some pictures, so you can see just how great they turned out. The bride was really thrilled because the stitching matched her color scheme exactly and the groomsmen were excited that they didn’t have to wear tuxes. They were cool and comfortable on what turned out to be a 95 degree day. Thanks again for all your help! Judith N. Tapper
Testimonial by Michael Deveau.

Kevin=====here are my wife and I at the party. The shirt from Wedding Tropics was a hit! :-) Michael
Testimonial by Julie & Ben Cutrer.

I just got married on June 15th in beautiful Punta Cana at the Melia Caribe Tropical. I was so happy with how the shirts came out! They really looked amazing! I can tell you how many compliments we got! Thanks so much for doing such a great job! Attached are some pics. Regards, Julie & Ben Cutrer
Testimonial by William & Valerie Vaught.

Hello there!

We just wanted to say thanks for your quality products, they looked great for our wedding. They were better than expected and really made our tropical wedding perfect. Please see our attached pictures. Thank you, William & Valerie Vaught
Testimonial by Jessie Zellner & Landon Adams.

Custom Guayaberas for Wedding

We ordered custom guayaberas for my fiancé and our boys for our wedding. They arrived the other day, and they are just wonderful! So well made, and they all fit perfectly. The site was easy to use, and customer service was wonderful. Thank you so much!
Testimonial by Wayne Gumbs.

Teresa ! Thank you so very much for all that you did to make my wedding a success ! Yes the shirts arrived just in time ! And they were amazing ! I will recommend your company 100% , I cannot thank you enough ! I Will also comment on the website as a testimonial to the outstanding service i received . THANK YOU !!!!! Warm Regards, Wayne
Testimonial by Thomas Miskell.

Custom Linen Shirt

My future wife and I have been preparing for our September beach wedding for many months. I ordered a custom Coronado linen shirt with embroidery to match her dress (so she tells me- I haven't seen it). It arrived today and is an absolute perfect fit! We are extremely pleased with everything about it. It is of a very high quality. Thank you so much for providing me with something that will be absolutely perfect for our most important event.
Testimonial by Fleur Kaizer.

Thank you very much... I recieved your delivery for the pieces I asked for. I truly appreciate your working with my situation and sending me the pieces I asked for accordingly. I hesitate to work with businesses online because you never know what customer service will be at the other end, especially with a factory located on the other side of the world, literally. But, ordering our ring with your company, and you replacing the parts that got lost, I thank you very much and will definately recomend your company to others in the future! Thanks again, Fleur
Testimonial by deborah mckay.

my wedding dress

I am so happy! recieved my dress early..and it is perfect! Thank you for helping make my special day beautiful!
Testimonial by April Noriega.

We received my fiance's shirt for our destination wedding planned for June 6, 2009 - and it's ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! You guys are the best with customer service, and QUALITY! I highly recommend! Cheers! April Noriega
Testimonial by Renee & Adam Simpson.

Here are the pics of the guys and I will send another. We used your pattern on our invites, programs and flip flops that were our giveaways! I will send those other items! The guys felt so comfortable and just raved about the shirts. My husband did not want suits or a jacket so they were perfect! Thanks again! One happy couple!
Testimonial by Kim Elliot-Briley.

I recently purchased custom shirt style #339 with embroidered color #2215 for my husband and our best man for our wedding on 8/21/10. The shirt was absolutely what I wanted and was perfect in every aspect!!! We have had so many compliments on the shirts! I am completely satisfied with my experience with Wedding Tropics and would recommend ordering from you to anyone! Also, I have attached a couple of pictures that hopefully you can use in the "galleries" section. Although the weather was as sunny as we had hoped, it was still perfect and I think the clouds actually give it a different, but special, look. Thanks again for providing such great customer service and such a positive shopping experience at a very stressful time. Kim and James Briley
Testimonial by Britt Cooper.

I received my order today and the shirts are perfect! Fabulous quality and service. Thank you so much!! A very happy new customer,
Testimonial by Jason Melchi.

I received my order last Friday. Thank you so much. The shirt is fantastic and is even better in person. Thanks again!
Testimonial by George Oblin.

great products & service

Thank you for the great looking Guayabera shirts and the quick delivery. I will soon be heading down to St. Lucia for my daughter's wedding and now have the appropriate attire for a Caribbean wedding.
Testimonial by Melissa Kuhles Atkinson.

Hi there, the wedding was wonderful, and the shirts looked GREAT!!! The groomsmen loved their shirts, and larry changed into his after the ceremony. Thanks again and I have referred others to you for similar styles :) Take care, melissa kuhles atkinson
Testimonial by Blaise Brady.

I just received it yesterday and looks and fits great. The suit is well made and feels great. Really better than I expected. Thanks!
Testimonial by Melissa Hodder.

Hi Teresa~ I attached a picture of our wedding for which you processed our order. Thank you sooooo much for your amazing customer support and persistence in helping us. They looked amazing and have so many people that have asked me where I got them... I of course forwarded them your website. I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the awesome work. Melissa Hodder
Testimonial by Joanna Y. Eads.

I received shirt it looks great. Thanks for keeping me informed on my order!!
Testimonial by Sean Derek Rodriguez.

Hi, I just received my custom made wedding shirt and I want to let you know it looks and feels amazing! The measurements I provided were accurate to the inch !! Thank you for making this possible and sending it sooner than the original date - I will be ordering more custom shirts in the near future! You are all amazing! My deepest gratitude! I will look amazing on my wedding day! Sean Derek Rodriguez
Testimonial by Tony Casaceli.

Dear Sir: Hello! My name is Tony Casaceli and I just received my Friday Shirt. I purchased the wedding shirt, style # 308. This shirt is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for making me a beautiful shirt such as this. I am a musician and a shirt like this coincides great with a pair of white pants. It is a pleasure doing business with you. I highly recommend you. Your shirts are meticulousy handcrafted. Thanks again. Sincerely, Tony Casaceli
Testimonial by Jeremy Anderson.

Hello! I just wanted you to know that I got my pants/shirt today! Can you let your supervisor or manager know that I really appreciate everything that you've done for me. Thank you for keeping me informed on the progress of my order. I appreciate everything you have done for me. It'll make my trip to Jamaica much more enjoyable and stress free knowing I have my shirt and pants to take with me! Again, thank you!!!
Testimonial by Paul Raymond.

Received the suit on 21/04/10 Perfect fit, very happy with it. Sorry for the delay in replying - I am currently travelling around Europe and don't have computer access every day. Kind regards Paul
Testimonial by Matthew Marsik.

We received the shirt and it is perfect! Thanks so much for the beautiful stitching and great fit.
Testimonial by Bill Renton.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for getting my shirts and pants to us in such a quickly manner. They look wonderful!!!! Thanks again, Bill
Testimonial by Stacey Hopes.

Hi I just want to thank you heaps for the lovely wedding outfits I received from you for my fiancée and two sons. The clothes are made so beautifully and I am so, so happy with them. Our wedding is in 4 weeks and I can’t wait to see my three boys all lined up in their matching clothes. You should be very proud of your work and the price you charge is an added bonus. Thanks once again for all your help and hard work. I really, really appreciate it. Stacey Hopes
Testimonial by Raul Sinclair.

I received the shirt on Saturday and it fits wonderfully. It such a great shirt. It will be great for my wedding. Thank you I will send pics after the wedding.
Testimonial by Sarah Nimmo.

Hi there Just wanted to say thank you for the shirts they looked great on the day of our wedding in Sri Lanka. I enclose a few pictures for your album Kind Regards Sara Nimmo (Gilbert)
Testimonial by Krista Collins.

We received our order today, and just wanted to say thank you! The custom shirts and pants are more beautiful then we could ever have expected. The detail and craftsmanship is superb! It's comforting to know that there are still companies like yours that take great pride in putting out a quality product. We will definitely refer you to our friends, and hopefully find another reason to order from you again! Thanks again, Krista Collins and Mark Kuperman
Testimonial by Robin Skinner.

Hello, The shirts came in FAST! They are all so beautiful. Our Groomsmen and my future husband are going to look so handsome in them. I really wanted to thank you and let you all know how much we appreciate the shirts! Thanks again! :)
Testimonial by Janice Weymouth.

Just letting you know that I received my wedding dress today. It fits perfectly and I love it. Thank you so much. Janice
Testimonial by Kristen Sexton.

Such a relief!

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the wonderful dress I received in such a prompt manner. After struggling to find a linen wedding dress, I was so excited to find a beautiful dress (Camilla) on your website. I held my breath as I punched in my measurements, anxious about getting my dress on time and hoping it would fit. It arrived 3 weeks later and I LOVED it! I am so pleased. Thanks for making my dress shopping stress free!
Testimonial by Victoria Phillips.

I received my order and I had to write to you to tell you how impressed I was with the quality and the workmanship that went into making my husbands shirt. Thank you very much. Everyone should be commended on this excellent job, well done. Thank you again, Victoria Phillips, Canada.
Testimonial by Lauren Esslinger.

Hello, I just received two shirts that I ordered last month and they are perfect. You did an excellent job! They were so good, that I'd like to see if it is at all possible to have a custom shirt made on a rush order. I really hope you are able to help out with this special request. Either way, I will still recommend you to all of my friends! Thank you, Lauren Esslinger
Testimonial by Carmen Harris.

Good Day, I received my order yesterday, sooner than I had expected based on your email below. However, we are very please with the custom shirt, especially my fiancée' after trying on the shirt. It fit perfectly and it looked exquisite on him, I may add. We were very impress with the design. Now, that we have received the custom shirt in perfect timing along with it fitting perfectly. We will continue to utilize your services and refer others who may want to embrace your services in the future as well. Thank you so much for your stellar customer service and business. You company is the greatest!! Carmen & Larry Smiley emoticon!!
Testimonial by Carl Smith.

Hi, I just received my shirt and trousers and they look and feel great. Thank you for the pretty quick turn around too. All in all, a great service and delivery! Thanks, Carl
Testimonial by Elizabeth Blacher.

we got the clothes and they a just perfect! thanks so much!
Testimonial by Jason Bowman.

Got the shirt, absolutely love it!---- Thanks, Jason Bowman
Testimonial by Gail Mulconnery.
fiances wdg outfit

My fiance's shirt and pants fit perfectly and he will be the most styling groom ever for our beach wedding in Play Del Carmen, Mexico 4-28-10!!! Thanks for all your help in getting the right fit for my 6'2" guy!!
Testimonial by Sandi Stultz.

Hello: Far too many times good things happen and we don't take the time to acknowledge them. I received my future husband's shirt yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful! The color match requested of the embroidery was perfect. The workmanship is professional and... I appreciated your updates along the way to the status of my order. Again, thank you! I have one less thing to stress out about and my wedding is only three weeks away!! Warmly, Sandi Stultz
Testimonial by Donal Thompson.

I just wanted to say that everything arrived safely and it was beautiful for our friends wedding! Thanks again for your great communication and I will definitely recommend your site to friends in the future. I wish you only the best going forward! Regards
Testimonial by Elisa Grimaldi.

The shirt and pants look fabulous on my fiance! Thank you so much for doing the special order for us! I'll email photos after the wedding. Elisa Grimaldi
Testimonial by Joe Zinsmeister.

I would like to thank you for the prompt shipping! By great surprise I have already received my shirt. Your company gets a A++++++++++++
Testimonial by Kara Vickers.
Facebook Testimonial

Thank you! My fiance's custom shirt turned out so nice. Just what we were looking for. Can't wait to see him in it in our October wedding! :)

See original testimonial left by Kara on our facebook page here.
Testimonial by Claire Pridmore.

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for the shirts . . and especially to Gemma for being so helpful!! I am from the UK, and getting married in St lucia in June . . .whoohooo!!! :-) . . I had searched everywhere for linen shirts for the guys, but couldn't find anything. . then I found your website!! Thank Goodness!! I have to be honest . . . I was a bit worried abut having to take measurements and order from the US . . .but it couldn't have been easier!! The directions on how to measure were a fantastic (Sewing isnt my thing)!!! and then Gemma even called me to double check the measurements!! Thank you! We received the shirts today . . .and we couldn't have been more pleased! They are brilliant and have surpassed our expectations!! Thank you so much! xxx To anyone not from the US reading this, and unsure . . I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Wedding Tropics . . go for it . . .You'll be so pleased you did!! Claire (Cambridge - UK)
Testimonial by Marcos Carway.

Everything was great, and we received nothing but compliments for the shirts. Thanks so much for your help, we'll send some photo's as soon as we get something good. Marcos
Testimonial by Teri Bybee.

Teresa, our wedding shirts are wonderful! They looked great. My new husband dropped our chocolate wedding cake down the front of his shirt. What is the best method for cleaning them? Thanks Again, Teri Bybee
Testimonial by Richard Butkus.

Dear Teresa, I just received my order in the mail. The shirt and pants are beautiful and fit perfectly!! Great job!! I'm very happy!!
Testimonial by Michael Kammerdiener.

I got the shirt in time! Fits great! Thanks for your help!
Testimonial by Mark Seybold.

We bought a 20pc ensemble from you guys of both the Italian linen shirts and matching linen pants and absolutely loved them! My cousin (who is a wedding planner) attended our wedding is very excited about working with you guys in some of her upcoming wedding events. (Pls remember we get a finders percentage of all transactions -haha)!! Thanks again! Mark
Testimonial by Shannon Smith.

The shirts and pants are great according to everyone! I haven’t seen them personally, but they all say they are very nice. Thanks for all of your help! Shannon Smith
Testimonial by Pam & Tony.
Our Gorgeous Guys!

Thanks so much for the wonderful service you gave us when ordering our groomsmen's outfits for our beach wedding in Mexico. The guys all looked fantastic, especially my groom! The shirts & pants fit each of the guys perfectly and the ease of ordering was second to none. And I'm sure I'll see them wearing them again!
Testimonial by Anthony Mullen.

thank you , I received your shirts and I love them ----Anthony Mullen
Testimonial by Suzanne Timmer.

Hello, I just received the shirt that my husband-to-be will be wearing for our wedding. It's just beautiful. Thank you so much! Suzanne Timmer
Testimonial by Heather Cranmer.

Just wanted to let you know that your shirts were beautiful, and all my groomsmen loved that they didn't have to wear tuxedos. Everyone still looked awesome. I would love to send you some pics for you to post on your site. Thanks again!
Testimonial by Eric Anderson.

The wedding was a success! We got nothing but compliments about the shirts with how creative they were and how well they matched the bridesmaids dresses. We haven't received our professional photos yet but I know we'll have some with the groomsmen shirts. I'll send them to you as soon as I get them. Thanks for all your help! Eric
Testimonial by Crystal Schmidt.

Thank you so much for the wonderul wedding shirt we received! Everyone commented on how handsome my husband looked in it. It was perfect for our beach wedding on Kauai. Crystal Schmidt
Testimonial by Hope Stier.

Hello there! I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service and wonderful Guayabera wedding shirts. They worked out wonderfully. I would recommend your company to anyone. Thank you very much! Hope Stier
Testimonial by Joseph & Heather Choi.

Hi guys, We got married on May 7th in Cayo Coco, Cuba. Everyone who attended and the guests at the resort loved the shirt. Thanks again for the shirt, we have told many friends about your website. Here are some of our photos. Cheers, Joseph & Heather Choi
Testimonial by Fabian Guerrero.

I would like to first thank you for your help with this order, I received the shirt last Friday and it is perfect!! Thank you again,
Testimonial by Emma Blundstone.

We would just like to say a huge thank-you to you for your swift service getting the suits to us in Australia in time for our wedding, as I'd left it quite late! And they were great! I will certainly recommend your business to any of my friends who are looking for similar! I've attached a couple of pics your welcome to use, if you like? Cheers, Emma Blundstone-Shaw
Testimonial by Patti Roach.

Wow! Awesome, what can i say? the guys loved their shirts! Thank-you Wedding Tropics!!!
Testimonial by Kerry Smith.

The shirt arrived yesterday and fits Peter perfectly. You promised me the shirt by the end of December and you delivered ahead of schedule. I can't tell you how pleased I am with your customer service. My groom and the wedding party are going to look wonderful. Thank you so much for contributing to our special day.
Testimonial by Kerry Smith.

The shirt arrived yesterday and fits Peter perfectly. You promised me the shirt by the end of December and you delivered ahead of schedule. I can't tell you how pleased I am with your customer service. My groom and the wedding party are going to look wonderful. Thank you so much for contributing to our special day.
Testimonial by Michael Jordan.

thank you for the update really appreciate it. One of my grooms men has recieved his attire and loves the pants.He says they are so comfy and i cannot wait to put mine on. Not sure if the other grooms men have received theirs yet and as far as i know they have already got them.Just wanted to comment on the quality of the pants and again say thank you for the update of my suit. Hope you guys are okay and safe with all the rain you got .My good friend lives near bye and said it was pretty crazy down there. thank you, Michael Jordan
Testimonial by Angie Burnham.

I received my order today and am thrilled with the products! Thank you for all your help!
Testimonial by Ron Williamson.

I have placed my order with the help of one of your customer service reps. Thank you. Ron
Testimonial by Cale Zomer.

I recently got married on the beach and ordered my shirt from here. It was beautiful! I got so many great compliments on it. Thank you so much! Thank you, WeddingTropics Team

Testimonial by Nate Mello.

Hello, Thank you for all of your help. The wedding went great and we got ALOT of compliments on our outfits. My groomsmen looked pretty sharp :) Want proof? Here are your shirts in video (my wedding) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-d0mfC_2pw. If you would like pictures let me know

Best regards,



August2012 - Felicia Bailey.

I want to THANK YOU FOR ALL you have done to make our day special. I would recommend your company to anyone who is in need of wedding attire as your services were excellant. Thank you again for your extra efforts. Felicia & Tom Liadka
9/19/2012 - Katiana.

Team, thank you so much! for taking care of my order and finding solutions in such a short time. The shirt was perfect and I received it on perfect timing! Thanks again.
November 2012 - Michael Hammond.

To whom it may concern: We received our order yesterday and the items all fit perfectly. Even Nickolas with his teenage boy awkward shape looks great! Thank you for helping to make our day special!
Monday, March 18, 2013 - Stephanie Gullett.

Received shirts and I couldn't be more happy! They are AWESOME!! Thank you!!

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