Since 2006 we have been providing high quality linen apparel for men. While vacationing in Rome in 2005, our struggles to find a quality linen shirt that had the same breezy and comfort characteristics, but had just a little more of a formal appeal was met with no luck both online and in stores. We were hard pressed to locate anything close to what we had hoped to find. It was then we realized a better fitted quality linen shirt with smart features and comfort without measure was needed.

The following year the concept was inked, the first collection was brought to life and our original website was created. Without our realizing, something big was brewing. Upon the discovery among the destination wedding market (we had no idea existed), of our quality product, unique styles appeal, and the ability to customize everything we sell which in large part was due to our many options to customize, WeddingTropics.com was realized.

While we carry a large collection of stock options, we also offer customization options on all our linen products to further meet the needs of our customers such as tailored fit, an unsurpassed amount of colors options (over 300 different embroidery colors on our unique Guayabera shirts) for guaranteed match, as well as button, sleeve and cuff options most of which are all standard with our “Design it” option.

We have a team of meticulous tailors in Vietnam who bring it all together. They manufacture all of our apparel where their attention to quality of workmanship as well as the curation of top quality materials that go into their product builds, is job number one.

We look forward to bringing to you, our customer a quality outfit, and although we are called “WeddingTropics”, we are not just weddings. Sure we do cater to the wedding industry pretty heavily because weddings demand quality making us their first choice, but it does not make us exclusive to weddings! If you are someone who appreciates quality, you too are our ideal customer! It explains our loyal base of non-wedding return customers simply looking for great looking beach clothes whether for vacation, travel, resorts, or parties!

Thanks for checking us out!

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