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WE ARE… designers and manufacturers of specialty designer beach wedding attire for men. Serving beach weddings since 2006, we have come to understand our customers and their needs. We don’t just reserve a spot on our site for weddings, it’s our entire focus. Having served nearly 50,000 weddings over the years, it comes as no surprise.

From styles tailored to satisfy both uniquely formal and traditional formal, to relaxed casual, and our signature new twists on traditional Guayabera styles. While we carry a large selection of stock options, we also offer many customize options to further meet the needs of our customers such as tailored fit, an unsurpassed amount of colors options for guaranteed match (fabric and embroidery colors), as well as button, sleeve and cuff options which are all standard at no extra cost.

Our quality is guaranteed top shelf, from the use of best in class materials, to the quality of workmanship, to the added little “quality signals” our customers will find when their wedding attire arrives at their door. It is nothing less than a bride and groom should expect for their nuptials day on the beach.


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Wedding Tropics
Wedding Tropics

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