We carry an unparalled collection of beach wedding attire for men. Our selection is specifically curated for grooms, groomsmen, officiants, and guests. Choose from our line of custom linen suits, shirts, pants and shorts. Or take advantage of our customization service options to personalize your beach wedding look. In addition to our variety of styles and cuts, you can choose between long and short sleeves, handpick buttons, and even decide between 24 different fabric colors and over 300 embroidery color options. Specialized custom tailoring is also available. Bring a sophisticated and comfortable style to the celebration with our picture-perfect beach wedding attire for men.

When it comes to what to wear for your destination wedding, there are many choices out there. Your options seem to increase exponentially the further you get away from the traditional church wedding. There are a lot of decisions to make, such as choices between linen shirts and pants, to cottons, even silk and blends.


The key to remember is that it is not only for your “ah natural” beach wedding, but for probably the biggest event of your life. The obvious choices on what to wear to an island wedding is to choose natural and to choose cool. Wearing a tux on the beach is just not even an option. Most people agree the best option is linen attire, as it looks very nice and breaths the best of all the fabrics.

The question that is maybe not so obvious is the big question, pre-made or specialty made? Pre-made screams party at the beach, or possibly a night on the town or dinner in some city where the mercury only travels from warm to hot. That $45.00 off the shelf linen shirt that doesn’t fit exactly right, or have that perfect look, or maybe doesn’t have that perfect color to match your significant other’s garb- It all doesn’t seem to hold too much significance in the right setting.

Your wedding day however, it tends to be a day that is just your day. A time when it is OK to pour yourself a glass of self-indulgence, and from your friends and family’s perspective, be cheered on while doing so! It also tends to be a day where everything must be exactly perfect, from the flowers, to the table cloths, center pieces, and venue. Then there is the attire for the groom and the groomsmen. While the centerpiece and table cloths are important, the center stage should be decked out in exactly what you both are looking for. This includes perfect fit, style, color-match, and comfort- after all, the pictures and videos will not lie.

Wedding Tropics has been specializing in attire for beach weddings for over 9 years. We have served nearly 30,000 weddings and can help ease the pressures associated with choosing the perfect beach wedding attire for the men of any casual wedding party big or small. With our nearly a decade in experience, we have learned from our customers what is important. As a result, we have developed a system to offer perfect color-match with literally thousands of different color combinations, custom tailored fit to perfection, as well as many different style choices with various design options to further personalize your beach wedding look. We offer the most beach wedding attire options of any vendor in our industry, with the highest quality available (comparable to any high end tailor in Vegas or NY), all while still retaining a reasonable price.

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