Choosing Suitable Beach Wedding Clothing

The beach as a wedding venue has many advantages and so are the disadvantages. Suitable Beach wedding clothing and beach wedding accessories would make the right choice for the ceremony. So what are the disadvantages? Beach Sands Beaches are full of sand. The air is filled with the salty tang from the sea. These are […]

Getting in the Tropical Groove

You are planning a tropical-theme prom or just a fun beach style backyard party. And you are far from the beach. What are some of the ways you can recreate your last tropical vacation and add some dramatic elements to get your guests into the flow of things? Check out these tips for the ultimate […]

Integrating Children into Beach Wedding Ceremonies

Sometimes the couple want to have kids in their ceremony. The beach wedding ceremony can be a great time to send a message of cohesiveness and unity. It is a good time to start thinking in terms of integrating everyone into a large family unit. While the wedding is about the couple making a formalized […]

Bridal Footwear for a Beach Wedding

The bride and groom have picked their attire and have a sense of how everything is coming together. And then here is the compelling question of the day. What will adorn the bride’s feet at a beach wedding? She should probably rule out the spike heeled Jimmy Choo pumps or the Manolo Blahnik sling back […]

The Bare Necessities for a Beach Wedding Reception

The reception is the time the guests really get to celebrate with the couple and it is a great way to end the beach wedding ceremony on a high note. Beach weddings or beach themed weddings offer the couple interesting options for sharing their personality with their guests and sometimes the choices can almost be […]

Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Beach Wedding

Top 5 Reasons for a Beach Wedding

You have found the partner of your dreams, you have both agreed to tie the knot and now you are faced with the realities of planning a wedding. Do you feel like you have to climb off your romantic high and get into the muddy details of booking a church and caterer and decide on […]

The Ideal Beach Wedding Look – Thinking It Through

You are planning a beach wedding “ you feel that the natural setting and the sense of connectedness with the natural world makes for a beautiful start to a new relationship. How to continue that connectedness in all you wedding related choices is the question now. Clothes are a big part of this day “ […]

Beach Wedding Decoration Options

A beach wedding with the sand and surf comes with in-built set decor so to speak. What can be more naturally elegant than the beauty of the splashing water and the swaying palms? But you can choose to add a little bit more of your personality to the setting when picking your beach wedding decoration. […]

Ideal Men’s Beach Wedding Look

For all you men that are lucky enough to have a beach wedding this is a message of warning. Just because you’re privileged enough to not have to walk down a concrete aisle in a suffocating suit does not mean that you can show up looking like a castaway either! The men’s beach wedding look […]

Choosing The Most Scenic Beach Wedding Location

The most exciting part of having a beach wedding is that you have the opportunity to mark your special moment at some far off, adventurous place! Okay, far-off isn’t an essential criterion but adventurous and exciting are absolute musts! The point here is to hold your ceremony in the most scenic beach wedding location! Destination […]

Planning a Beach Wedding: Seek Beauty First

Planning a beach wedding is most often a tiresome and irksome process! The long drawn out process of a church wedding can take away all the fun. What then can you do? You can leave it all behind in the city and run away with your spouse to some gorgeous locale. And where better to […]

How to Color your Beach Wedding

If you’re opting to have a beach wedding you’re obviously looking to be different and adventurous! The whole point of having such a wedding is to express your true emotions freely. This is possible in many ways. What you wear on your wedding day is what truly speaks about the way you feel that day! […]

How to Have the Best Beach Wedding on the Budget

Thinking of getting married? Daunted by the expense involved? Set aside your worries. Beach weddings are here! They are in fashion. You can have a stylish beach wedding on the budget yet fun and  elegant. Of course, the beach comes free, unless you plan to hold the wedding on a private beach. You can decorate […]

The idea of a beach wedding is generally associated with soft sand, cool sea breeze and a beautiful sunset. A beach wedding comes with its own set of considerations. We discuss some essential beach wedding attire and accessories tips for the ultimate oceanfront celebration. Dress accordingly: If you are getting married on the sea side […]

Looking for a wedding dress that is in keeping with your theme beach wedding? Beach wedding dresses cannot be just any kind of wedding dress. It has to be a dress that is tailored for the theme beach wedding. Well, you must admit that long trailing veils that are part of the formal wedding tradition […]

Getting Groomed In The Right Shirt for Beach Wedding

So you’ve decided that you’re getting married by the sea. You have chosen the location and you’ve organized all the necessary support. You have made your guest lists and you’ve rehearsed the whole thing. But the only thing that didn’t perfectly fit in was that tux. And why am I not surprised? What’s the point […]

Gorgeous Beach Weddings Are The Way To Go

I’m a person of nature. I love the world the way it is and I am not a large crowds or social norms person. I make my own rules and enjoy living life on my own terms. Having said that, can you picture somebody like me getting caught up in the rigmarole of a run-of-the-mill […]

Marriage ceremonies and receptions held on the beach are indeed, very special. A shore based wedding is noteworthy for sandy beaches and tropical breezes. All weddings are unique, much like the new couple and their dreams for the future. Few wedding guests truly think about how much work goes into dressing the new bride and […]

You know why beach weddings are becoming popular?

They transformed the entire concept of rigid and conventional formalities adapted in a formal wedding. First of all there is total change in the venue and the atmosphere. Instead of inside a Church where serenity and divine reverence prevails, a white-sandy beach with pleasant breeze sets the atmosphere for fun. Here is why beach weddings are […]

Wedding Ceremony on Beautiful Beach Have you decided to organize your wedding ceremony on a calm and beautiful beach? Have you ever wondered where to buy the wedding jewelry? Then make sure to visit an online store that offers unique collections of wedding jewelries to its valuable customers. Besides costumes, uniquely designed jewelries are also […]

Trendy Beach Bridesmaid Dresses

When shopping for beach bridesmaids dresses, use the same guidelines you used when choosing your own Beach wedding dress. Your bridesmaids play a big role in the wedding ceremony. Ensure they look great, feel comfortable and walk gracefully. Bridesmaids and the bride should be dressed in the same style. If you chose a satin dress […]

Guayabera Beach Wedding Shirts for Grooms

The title has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? That is probably because there really is a natural fit between guayabera shirts and grooms, especially in the beach weddings. Once you pick an outdoor oriented wedding it seems appropriate to also pick non-typical wedding attire. A tux on a beach can be interesting but […]

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