Choosing Suitable Beach Wedding Clothing

Beach Wedding Look

The beach as a wedding venue has many advantages and so are the disadvantages. Suitable Beach wedding clothing and beach wedding accessories would make the right choice for the ceremony. So what are the disadvantages? Beach Sands Beaches are full of sand. The air is filled with the salty tang from the sea. These are […]

Getting in the Tropical Groove

Beach Wedding Outfit

You are planning a tropical-theme prom or just a fun beach style backyard party. And you are far from the beach. What are some of the ways you can recreate your last tropical vacation and add some dramatic elements to get your guests into the flow of things? Check out these tips for the ultimate […]

Integrating Children into Beach Wedding Ceremonies

Beach Wedding Dresses

Sometimes the couple want to have kids in their ceremony. The beach wedding ceremony can be a great time to send a message of cohesiveness and unity. It is a good time to start thinking in terms of integrating everyone into a large family unit. While the wedding is about the couple making a formalized […]

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