Let’s face it, beach weddings can get pretty warm. Before you know it, you’re that guy that’s sweating. The best way to avoid such an embarassing moment is by choosing beach wedding attire for men carefully and wearing linen pants. That is why, at a beach wedding, linen pants are a staple. The Making of […]

For beach weddings, linen suits are a sleek yet casual and comfortable option for the groom, groomsmen, and guests alike. Linen Suits are Absolutely Timeless From the distant past to the present, linen suits have stood the test of time. They were first worn by the ancient Egyptians because the linen would keep them cool […]

The season for beach weddings is quickly approaching. That being said, you will want to consider the attire you will need for a casual wedding. While you don’t need to be especially fancy you need to strike that perfect balance between casual while acknowledging the significant nature of the occasion.   Though ideally you still […]

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