7 Rules for Beach Bridesmaid Dresses

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Beach weddings are more popular than ever. They’re the perfect combination of relaxed, casual and

Katy Speiwak Ames

romantic. Even better if they happen in a tropical location!

However, it’s not always as easy to choose clothing for your wedding party when you’re having a beach
wedding. So here are a few rules you might want to consider when choosing beach bridesmaid dresses.

1. Comfort Is Key

Beaches are fantastic, but they’re also hot, sandy and kind of tricky to walk on. Which is why our
number one rule for beach bridesmaid dresses is to make sure they’re comfortable.
Overly structured dresses with complex boning, tight corset tops or any other uncomfortable features
are only going to be more uncomfortable when you add the sun, sea and sand!

2. Breathable Fabrics

Our next golden rule for beach bridesmaid dresses is to choose breathable fabrics. Traditional
bridesmaid dress fabrics like satin, velvet and other heavy, synthetic choices are only going to make your
bridesmaids a literal hot mess. Choose lighter cottons, silk or linen fabrics. Anything that is natural or a
natural blend and fairly lightweight is a good choice.

3. Not Too Short

Remember how we mentioned that beaches usually aren’t too even? When you’re trying to walk over
the sand, there’s always a chance you might lose your footing. Which is why our next rule for beach
bridesmaid dresses is not to make them too short! A stumble in a micro mini could be very

4. Color Matters

Of course, white is pretty much always off limits when it comes to dressing your wedding party, but you
might want to consider other pale shades. Beaches tend to be quite hot and sunny, and darker, brighter
shades will absorb more sun (and more heat.) Paler, cooler colors will keep your bridesmaids cool, calm
and collected through the ceremony and beyond.

5. They Don’t Have to Be the Same

If you’re like most brides, you’ve got bridesmaids of different ages, body types and confidence levels.

Which is why it’s so hard to find one style of dress that works for everyone. Do yourself, and them a
favor by not trying to find one dress for everyone. There’s no rule that says all your bridesmaids have to

wear the same dress. So, stick to a single color, but let your bridesmaids choose styles they’re most
comfortable in.

6. Ask Their Opinion

Our next golden rule for choosing the perfect beach bridesmaid dresses is to ask your bridesmaids what
they think. Your opinion and style obviously matter, since it’s your wedding, but they’re going to have to
wear the dress all day and beyond. So, find out what they love, what they hate, and what they think you
should choose, and then work that into your plan.

7. Match the Groomsmen

If you’re having a beach wedding, there’s a good chance your groomsmen won’t be wearing ties or
cummerbunds to the big day! So, find other ways to match the beach bridesmaid dresses you choose to
their outfits. Similar color shirts or even socks that match can all help to tie the look together!