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Beach wedding dresses can make brides look ravishing on their special day – if the dress and body type are not a mismatch. Some brides turn to beautiful women (like famous celebrities who have tied the knot in a romantic outdoor setting) for inspiration. The painful reality is that what may look good on their TV/movie idols may not suit them.


When fitting beach wedding dresses for your dream altar date, take a look at yourself in the mirror on all angles. If you’re the slim or `ruler’ type like Gwyneth Paltrow or Julia Roberts, avoid wedding dresses that are too clingy. Veer away from very loose wedding gowns, too.


Brides with an hourglass figure have a wide range of wedding gown styles to choose from for their beach altar date. Best options are wedding dresses that accentuate the bust and waist area. A beautiful wedding gown with off-shoulder or A-line style that billows or sways with the cool breeze as the bridal entourage walks down the sand aisle can look stunning.


Pear-shaped brides may opt for A-line strapless wedding dresses instead of body-hugging mermaid style wedding gowns. Beaded sandals (or flipflops embellished with a gem) may complete the look. Most brides simple choose a stylish colored dress complemented by an attractive tan. Beach wedding dresses may be short, tea-length, or long and flowing and with a hint of a train.


As for ladies who are neither bottom-heavy nor top-heavy but just right, and have shapely arms and graceful necks worth flaunting, sleek and sexy informal wedding dresses with halter neckline can look stunning. Colors may range from traditional white to pastels or vibrant colors that can make a bride look like an island seductress. When choosing the wedding dress color, opt for one that harmonizes with your skin tone, and also consider what time of day you will be walking down the aisle and proceeding with the beach wedding reception.


A white strapless chiffon dress with bow accent or with sexy lace-up back, or casual but elegant separates in taffeta, with beaded trim on the bodice, can add to a heavenly vision of bridal beauty. Brides just need to make sure they have adequate beauty rest and eat well before the wedding ceremony to look naturally radiant.

Beach Wedding Dresses

While lots of informal wedding dresses are presented by wedding apparel designers, many are just too poofy or frilly, and not suited for the laidback natural setting of the beach. Brides with keen fashion taste may find lovely and appropriate beach wedding dresses by reading bridal magazines and catalogs and searching online for fuss-free, comfortable and stylish options.


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