Be Sensible: Suit Clothes to Environment!

The beach as a wedding venue has many disadvantages. Beach wedding attire and beach wedding accessories have to keep in view the several disadvantages of having a beach wedding.So what are the disadvantages? Beaches are full of sand. The air is filled with the salty tang from the sea. These are two major factors that cannot be ignored. Added to this is the fact that there is almost no shade on the beach unless you plan to hold your wedding ceremony under a canopy set up for the purpose. While this may mitigate the disadvantages a jot, it will rob your wedding of the glamor that is associated with a beach wedding under the sun and in the open!
Sand can enter the brides sandals and prove an irritant all through the ceremony. The brides train may pick up sand and may look dirty or shabby. The makeup may run with the heat and the hair may become limp with sweat! Horrified? Well these are facts and it has happened to many brides who did not take into account the nature of the environment while picking up their beach wedding dress or accessories.
It is very important for both the bride and the groom (and of course the wedding guests) to consider well before they select the beach wedding appareland accessories. The groom dressed in a tuxedo is likely to rue the day he picked his clothes. He should dress sensibily in cotton button up embroidered shirts and tie up cotton pants that are comfortable and airy. The bride should pick cotton or semi cotton dresses that are knee length or at least do not contain a train that can pick up the sand as she walks up to her groom. A veil is infinitely attractive, but if she has luxuriant hair, it will be a good idea to leave it loose or swept in informal styles and decorated with flowers or pearls.

Sensible Beach Shoes

Sensible beach shoes should be selected by the bride and groom. The makeup should be light and should not contain elements that will melt when exposed to the sun and run down the face.
So, if you are planning a beach wedding, be sensible and practical in your choice of clothes and accessories.

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