Casual Wedding Attire for Men: The Golden Rules

Casual Wedding Attire for Men

When you think about weddings, in most cases, you think about formal affairs with suits and ties.AJ W 0743
However, there’s a growing trend towards having more relaxed weddings, and that includes casual
wedding attire for men.

If you’re lost about what that means, and what you can and cannot wear, read on! We’re about to tell
you about the golden rules for wedding attire for men.

1. Read the Invitation

The first thing you need to do when you are considering casual wedding attire for men is read the
invitation. The bride and groom will include the dress code on the invitation, and that will tell you what
kind of clothing would be appropriate.

2. Consider the Venue

If you are still in doubt about what might be appropriate, consider the venue that the wedding will be
held at.

A barn wedding suggests that denim jeans and a nice shirt might be appropriate, while a beach wedding
might lend itself towards casual pants or a lighter, linen suit with a collared shirt. The venue can give you
a lot of clues about what kind of casual wedding attire for men might be appropriate.

3. Lean Towards Smart Rather Than Casual

When invitations say “smart casual” it can complicate decisions about what to wear as casual wedding
attire for men. In this case, you should always lean more towards “smart” than casual. Jeans might be
acceptable, but they should be crisp, new, and well fitting. Shirts should be collared, even if you don’t
wear a tie. Jackets can be lighter but should still be suit jackets or sports coats.

4. Ask the Bride and Groom

If you’re still not sure what kind of casual wedding attire for men would be suitable for a wedding you’re
invited to, you can always ask the bride and groom. They should be able to tell you what kind of clothing
they are expecting to see on their guests. So if you have any doubts, be sure to check with them!
Ask them if you can send them a picture of the outfit you were considering if you really want to be sure!

5. Be Comfortable

Being able to dress casually to attend a wedding doesn’t happen all that often – even today. So it’s a
good idea to make the most of it! Make sure that all of your clothes fit well and are comfortable. Look

for breathable fabrics, and clothes that have a little stretch, so they will move more with you. Especially
if you plan to hit the dancefloor at the reception!

6. Match Your Style to Your Plus One

Finally, when you’re figuring out what kind of casual wedding attire for men you want to wear, you
should always remember to match your plus one. You and your partner or date should wear similar
styles of clothing that complement each other. Find out what they are planning to wear, and then use
that as a guide for your outfit. You can even choose a shirt or similar that matches or co-ordinates with
their outfit.