Getting Groomed In The Right Shirt for Beach Wedding

So you’ve decided that you’re getting married by the sea. You have chosen the location and you’ve organized all the necessary support. You have made your guest lists and you’ve rehearsed the whole thing. But the only thing that didn’t perfectly fit in was that tux. And why am I not surprised? What’s the point of taking a wedding outdoors to an exotic locale if the whole weddings going to run just like one back home anyway? No no, that cannot be, if you’re going exotic you may as well go the whole hog, and in case of men, this implies there’s a need to buy the right shirt for beach wedding.

Considering that there’s very little scope to play around in regard to a man’s wardrobe, trust me, this could be the most important decision of the wedding, second only to all the bride’s decisions though, but that’s not important!

There are several reasons why beach weddings require different shirts for men. The heat, sun, and potential humidity of a sand and surf wedding can be stifling in the usual long sleeves, cuffs, and snug collar of most dress shirts. At the same time, many beach weddings are casual, informal affairs and even the dresses worn by the brides don’t necessarily follow the classic styles. Therefore, it is only logical and practical that the men’s attire “both of the groom and his groomsmen” should be something more suitable to the climate!

Tropical print shirts

Golf or Polo shirts are a great option because they’re classy, casual, comfy and very easy to come by. Tropical print shirts, epitomized by the Hawaiian floral print shirts, are another favorite among the beach wedding crowds. I’m sure they’re thinking along the lines of if you can’t go to Hawaii. You might as well bring some part of it to you, or near about there! And then of course there are the iconic Guayabera Shirts with their vertical decorative pleats and bright embroidery! Honestly, I think that if every groom had a choice they’d all jump into one of these outfits. Think about it carefully, and you’ll realize you’re no different either!

Beach weddings are meant to be exciting, fun and gorgeous affairs! Being the man of the moment the groom too must be at his handsome and charming best. Simply put, he’s got to be the right man, at the right place and in the right shirt!