Getting in the Tropical Groove

Beach Wedding Outfit

You are planning a tropical-theme prom or just a fun beach style backyard party. And you are far from the beach. What are some of the ways you can recreate your last tropical vacation and add some dramatic elements to get your guests into the flow of things? Check out these tips for the ultimate tropical groove.

Décor is a big part of setting the right tone. You can go all out and spread sand around a section of your backyard or party area and swathe some of area in flowing greens fabric and with a well-placed fan have a sense of breezy islands. You can also go for subtler touches like using sail-boat shaped tea-lights and flip-flop shaped coasters. Or better yet, do both! You will want music at your party and it would be great to get some island beats there. But at the entry way, as the guests are walking in, it may be fun to set up the sound of waves using one of those sounds of nature CDs. You can hand your guests some fans or even straw hats, especially if the event is outdoors. Make sure there are drinks served with little paper parasols because nothing screams tropical as much.

Wedding Clothings

One other major part of the ambience is the clothing that the hosts wear. You can have fun figuring out your beach-themed attire. There is the ever popular Hawaiian shirt, of course. But you can think outside the box. Maybe a Guayaberashirt with its elegant embroidery will make a nice alternative. These come in a range of colors and you can choose anything from a cool white to a dramatic black. Pair it with nice pair of linen trousers and you will be all set. Women can try it with a flowing skirt also. Now you are all set to enjoy the tropical beach party!