Guayabera Beach Wedding Shirts for Grooms


The title has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? That is probably because there really is a natural fit between guayabera shirts and grooms, especially in the beach weddings. Once you pick an outdoor oriented wedding it seems appropriate to also pick non-typical wedding attire. A tux on a beach can be interesting but if you want to embrace the tropical theme head-on, I recommend guayabera shirts also known as Mexican beach wedding shirts.


The guayabera is a distinctive choice for wedding attire because it has interesting details like the two vertical rows of fine, tiny pleats, or alforzas, tidily sewn together running along the front and back of the shirt. The shirt usually has two or four packets with matching pleats also. On both sides at the bottom of some of these shirts there are three-inch slits and these sometimes include adjusting buttons. These shirts have a straight-bottom hem, therefore, no need to tuck into the trousers.

There is some debate about the exact origins of these shirts though two popular theories suggest Cuba and Mexico. The word Guayabera is traced to associations with the Yucatan peninsula. To those who claim Mexican origin. And that the word is connected to yayabero. Those who live near Yayabo River and by those who support the Cuban claim. One version of the origins of the shirt is that a poor farmer’s wife sewed large pockets in her husband’s shirts to carry home the guayabas or guavas from his fields.


Whatever the origins of the shirt, it has truly moved far from its simple agrarian origins and makes a casually elegant statement today. Though traditionalists wear it in white or pastels, Guayaberas are available now in a rainbow of colors. There are embroidery details in many guayabera retailers that add to the glamour quotient of the shirts. These shirts are usually linen which makes them perfect for warm days at the beach. You can look festive and cool and that is a killer combination!