How To Rock Linen Shirts And Pants

It’s safe to assume that a beach wedding will bring with it warm weather. So your best bet for wedding day attire is to wear lightweight linen shirts and pants. They are thin enough to prevent you from dripping in sweat but are also stylish enough for  to keep you sleek and sophistacated in a formal or casual beach wedding setting.

Why Linen Shirts and Pants

Linen is a natural material made from the stems of flax plants. The fibers provided from these plants are durable, lightweight, and extremely comfortable. In addition, linen fabric allows for better airflow than other materials, so you won’t get overheated and end up with your clothing sticking to your skin. Furthermore, linen is a very absorbent fabric that dries quickly and won’t stay saturated in the heat.

The good part about linen is that no matter how many times you have to wash it, the fabric won’t suffer when you do. The even better part is that the more you wash them the softer they will become. This means you never have to worry about dripping in sweat at a beach wedding ever again. It also means the linen will become so soft against your skin, you may feel like you are sitting at home in your pajamas.

Those aren’t the only benefits though. If you have sensitive skin you may find that some fabrics just irritate it. But linen won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. If you have ever worn a suit that made you itchy, you may be turned off at the idea of wearing one again. Since linen fabric won’t do this, you really can’t go wrong with high-quality linen shirts, some formal or casual linen pants, or a classy linen suit.

Choosing Your Beach Wedding Outfit

First and foremost, you want to consider the cut, fit, and style. Since, you want your top and bottoms to be breathable, linen is the perfect island-ready choice.  However, knowing how to wear linen pants and what to pair them with is essential.

Linen suits are an ideal choice to wear to tropical weddings because they tend to be made in colors that help you look put-together but relaxed and comfortable at the same time. Many linen suits are pale in color and perfectly complement the colors of a beach wedding.

Not only are they appropriate wedding wear, but linen suits are absolutely timeless and will also be an investment that lasts you for years. Whether it is your wedding day or you’re attending someone else’s wedding, beach weddings are becoming the hottest trend. So you may find yourself going to a bunch of them. Since you can wear a linen suit to virtually any beach wedding, having one is more cost-effective than not having one.

Pretty much everyone looks good in linen suits and with so many advantages to wearing them, they remain the perfect choice for casual beach wedding wear. Well-paired linen shirts and pants are ideal whether you are the groom, best man, or even a guest. And since linen never goes out of style you never have to worry about updating your look. Additionally, linen suits have a lot of uses aside from beach weddings. They are much more diverse than a fancier suit or tuxedo would be.