Important Tips On What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding Couple

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Beach weddings can be exciting, especially if you are going there as a guest. You have so much to look out for, especially when it comes to aspects such as dressing. How do you go about dressing when the invitation didn’t give any dressing code hint? Well, you will find out the handy tips on what to wear to a beach wedding in a short while.

Now, when dressing to a beach wedding, you want to make sure that you get it right. Aspects such as the perfect fabric to wear, the colors and shoes are essential to complete your ultimate outfit for a gorgeous beach wedding.

In case you are a guy, or a lady who is wondering what to wear to a beach wedding, below are a few ground rules worth mentioning that would make you look great, appropriate and comfortable when attending a beach wedding. Better yet, we have a full stock of elegant beach wedding attire for men, women and kids so you won’t have to look any further.

Always choose light fabrics

Light fabrics that do not cling to the body or suck you up are the best option for beach weddings. You do not want to look all sweaty and soaked up in your gown. For a formal beach wedding, a dress that is long and elegant for the ladies and a traditional suit and a tie for the guys would be great.

Clothes made from light fabric such as chiffon and linen would still make you look luxurious and even formal on the beach.

A semi-formal wedding calls for a short cute dress for ladies and slacks together with a button-down shirt for the guys. That kind of dressing is excellent, especially if the reception is arranged for in a yacht or a restaurant near the beach. For the ladies, a light shawl would also do fine just in case the cool breeze from the sea becomes a bit too much, especially in the evenings.

Maxi dresses that are lose fitting are great for casual beach weddings for the feminine for the guys, long pants and a button-down shirt with short sleeves will keep you looking and feeling great as a guest in a beach wedding.

Go for light colors

Always choose attire that seems to embrace the beach surroundings and the delicious and tropical tones. As much as black outfits look chic sometimes, you might end up entirely cooked by the time the beach wedding is over. Colored outfits with polka dots or unique colors such as lime green, fuchsia, and turquoise just to mention a few are good enough and have appropriate tones to light up your beach experience when choosing what to wear to a beach wedding.

Wear flat shoes

The idea of wearing shoes on the beach might seem pointless, but since it’s a wedding, you need the right pieces for your feet. Shoes that you can easily slip on and off like gladiator sandals are a great option to get you comfortable as you walk on the sand. Ballet flats will also have you looking comfortable and stylish.

For the guys, you are also not left out. Leather flip-flops and other male sandals would look appropriate for a beach wedding. In case your preference doesn’t lie close to there, you still can’t go wrong with light-colored loafers or boat shoes.