Men’s Beach Clothing Basics

With summer quickly coming to an end and autumn beginning in earnest, people are flocking to the beach for numerous reasons. Catching the last waves in tropical waters before they become too cold, destination events at warmer climates, or simply enjoying the tides for those who live in locations to truly enjoy the weather year round. Whichever the case, men’s beach clothing can can help you enjoy the moment.

The Coronado - Linen Beach Wedding Shirt

Linen pants and shorts in khaki, white and beige colors have been a classic in beach clothing for as long as man has had access to linen. Lightweight and airy, easy to clean and durable.

Linen drawstring pants and shorts are particularly popular in modern fashions. As are Capri length shorts. Other colors are also acceptable but tend to change with the seasons.

Sandals are the standard shoes for the beach, if shoes are required at all. For beach side and cabana events a casual loafer or designer shoe looks fantastic with linen slacks.

Local Beach Culture

As with pants, linen shirts provide solutions to what few problems the beach can pose, while looking excellent and falling into classic fashions that never go out of style. Cabana, Havana, Hawaiian and Guayabera shirts, as well as casual modern dress shirts all make fantastic designs. These fashions in linen make outstanding beach wardrobe additions as they dry easily, hold colors against water, sun damage and repel moisture while holding in heat during temperature changes like sunsets.

Casual khaki or beach style pants are easy options. Traditional beach shirts in linen are easy solutions to a beach party or finer event. Bare feet for the beach or sandals, loafers or designer shoes for beach side parties and you can’t go wrong.