Mens Guayabera Shirts 101: What You Need to Know

Mens Guayabera Shirts


mauritius wht blkIf you’ve just discovered mens guayabera shirts, you may be wondering what their history is, what they’re made of and how they should be worn. Read on for a quick overview of what mens guayaberashirts are, where they come from, and how and where they are most commonly worn.

What Do Mens Guayabera Shirts Look Like?

Mens guayabera shirts are button down shirts that have four pockets and either have embroidery or
pleating on the front to add decoration.

What Are Mens Guayabera Shirts Made From?

Mens guayabera shirts are made from cotton or linen. Because they are made from natural fibers, they
breathe well, which makes them a great choice to wear in warmer climates. It does also make them
wrinkle easier though, so it’s a good idea to pack an iron if you’re travelling with this kind of shirt!

Where Do Mens Guayabera Shirts Come From?

Originally, this type of shirt comes from Cuba, but thanks to migration from Cuba to various other parts
of central America as well as Miami and other parts of the southern US, they are popular throughout the
region. This is also a good thing, since these places tend to have similar, balmy climates that are perfect
for guayabera shirts.

There is some evidence that a shirt by this name existed in Cuba in the 1800s, but no one is entirely sure
if it looked the same as the modern version.

Where Are Mens Guayabera Shirts Worn?

The guayabera shirt is still sometimes worn in Cuba, but you will also find them in places like Mexico and
in Florida, including Miami and Tampa. Wherever you have warm weather and a large Latin population,
you will probably find this style of shirt.

They are less popular in Cuba today, because they have become associated with the government in that
country. However, in Mexico, they are known as the “Mexican wedding shirt” and are often worn by
grooms and wedding parties.

What Kind of Events Can You Wear This Shirt To?

Like many button down shirts, you can wear this kind of shirt to events ranging from casual to formal,
depending on how you wear it, and what you pair it with. With formal trousers and a dress shoe, it’s not
out of place at a formal event, while over chinos or jeans, it’s perfect for smart casual events.

What Should You Look for When Buying Mens Guayabera Shirts?

If you are buying this kind of shirt, the first thing you should look at is the quality. Ideally, the fabric and
the stitching will be high quality. These kinds of shirts always have four pockets too – two on the breast
and two at the hem.

As for the decoration, that’s up to you. If you want something a little more understated, pleating is a
good choice, but if you like to make a statement, you can’t go wrong with embroidery.
The fit should be a little more generous than a typical dress shirt.