beach casual wedding attire
Beach Wedding Attire for Guests

Mix and Match: Creating Unique Casual Wedding Looks for Grooms

When it comes to planning a beach wedding, choosing the perfect attire for the groom is a crucial decision. The groom's outfit should not only complement the beach setting but...

Men's Beach Wedding Guest Attire
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Men’s Beach Wedding Guest Attire

Usually, when you are invited to a wedding, you know the routine. You dust off your suit, make sure that your dress shirt has all it’s buttons, and choose an...

Beach Wedding Couple
Beach wedding guests, Dressing Code, Guests' Dressing Code

How to Pick Your Beach Wedding Dressing Code

An invitation to a beach wedding will be different from the one you would send out for a traditional wedding. The one thing that brings the difference is the dressing....

Beach Wedding in Foreign
Beach Weddings

5 Reasons You Should Consider A Beach Wedding

A wedding in the church has been the thing for a long time that many consider it a tradition. However, this convention is changing with time because couples want to...

Weddings on the Beach
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Handy Tips for Planning Your Beach Wedding Ceremony

It is true that the ambiance on the seaside creates the right atmosphere for you and your better half when exchanging vows, but there is more that you can do...

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Beach Weddings, Appropriate beach wedding outfit, Beach wedding accessories, Beach Wedding Attire for Guests

How to Decide on What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

Dressing to beach weddings can be challenging to decide on, and when the to-wed couples have jolted down the formality of the dress code, you can’t expect less than a...

Beach Wedding Attire for Men Embroidered Linen Shirt
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What to Consider When Buying Men’s Linen Shirts

The versatility of elegant men’s linen shirts makes them a worthy addition to any man’s collection. You can count on these shirts whether the occasion is formal or casual. The trend...

Men linen shirts
Men's Beach wedding attire, How to dress to a beach wedding, Linen Wedding Shirts

Guide for Rocking Men’s Beach Wedding Attire

    To think that ladies are the only ones to look good at a beach wedding is misleading; men shouldn’t be left behind at all. If you are planning...

Beach Wedding View
Beach Weddings, Appropriate beach wedding outfit, Beach Wedding Attire for Guests

4 Beach Wedding Dressing Mistakes to Avoid

The uncertainty around how to dress for a beach wedding usually results in many people ending up getting the whole thing wrong. In such instances, embarrassment is inevitable, and the...

Beach Wedding Outfit
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Appropriate Beach Wedding Dressing Tips

Picking the right outfit for a beach wedding can be confusing and overwhelming for many people especially first-timers. The good thing is that you can easily find the best beach...