Beach Wedding Attire: The Do’s and Don’ts

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So, you have just opened your mailbox and seen an invitation to a beach wedding- what next? At first, you are so excited but what follows is a sense of anxiety over the ideal beach wedding attire. To start you off, congrats! You got an invitation to a beach wedding, which doesn’t happen so often.

When you’re off to the beach to play with the sand, bathe in the sun or surf in the ocean, you probably wouldn’t have to think much about the best outfit for those activities and much more. When it comes to dressing for a beach wedding, the whole situation can be a problem. It would even prove to be more difficult when you are s0o into fashion which happens to need her style-forward equation to be balanced.

For a beach wedding, you can still choose the best wear for the occasion without having to compromise your cool concern of appropriateness, decency and comfort. You can relax, recharge and enjoy yourself at the beach and at the same time have fun while looking your best.  To make your dressing situation a bit simpler for you, below are some of the dos and don’ts for wearing out to a beach wedding:

The Dos

Wear a fitting swimsuit

You’re going to a wedding on the beach meaning; you might engage in a fun activity, say swimming when the whole thing is over. Always carry put on a swimsuit that fits. For ladies, that bikini should genuinely flatter your frame and suits your unique body shape correctly. You don’t have to go for an expensive one. There are fantastic swimsuits out there that fit anyone’s bill- you only need to look.

Include accessories

Accessories are the perfect components to lift your style to a whole new level. Choose a bold statement piece that contrasts your dress a bit to make your beach wedding attire stand out.

Embrace your style

Beach weddings are all about having fun and playing your style. Go for something that is more of your speed to embrace your personality, help you feel confident and at the same time enjoy your day at the beach. The inner comfort from your dressing would determine how radiant you’ll be at a beach wedding

The Don’ts

Don’t go for an uncomfortable outfit

A dress may look good on you and good for the beach too, but if you’re not comfortable in it, push it aside and look for something else. Why should you go to the beach if you are not comfortable? Don’t force a trend or fashion that does not fit your personality and style- you can do better than that. Go for something that you are crazy about and have confidence in.

Don’t put on stilettos

High heels are not a good idea when you are going to the beach wedding. For other regular wedding ceremonies such as the ones held in a church, they would do fine. For a beach wedding, you should consider a change. Comfortable wear such as fancy flats or unique outdoor footwear like sandals is incredible.

Don’t hesitate to get a little creative

You can always mix and match your wardrobe to come up with a style and colour that best suits you. Gone are the days when people used to focus tops that coordinate with the bottom wear. For the beach wedding attire, you need a free spirit that allows you to mix and match busy patterns and colours for the beach.