Tips for Men on What to Wear at a Beach Wedding

What to Wear at a Beach Wedding

A beach wedding has many appealing features. There is the romance, the sunshine and cool ocean breeze. But what is less obvious is the dress code for men. It can be difficult to dress for any wedding. But when you consider factors like sand and hot sun, it makes it even more difficult. When choosing what to wear to a wedding, you need to think not only about how the outfit will look but also how it will feel on the beach.

What to Wear at a Beach Wedding

Many hours are spent by wedding couples choosing the perfect location on the beach and planning what they will wear to their ceremony. But many guests are confused about what to wear at a beach wedding. This guide will help to find the right beach wedding attire.

Although beach weddings are more casual than church ones, it can be difficult to dress for one. These are some suggestions on what to wear to a wedding.

It can be difficult to find the right Beach Wedding Attire for Men, but it is a chance to show off your style and leave a lasting impression on other guests. Although beach weddings are less formal than traditional weddings, you don’t have to dress up in a suit and tie. It’s about finding the perfect balance between formal and casual to impress your guests. These eight tips will help you choose the right look for your beach wedding.

1. Lose the Tux

At a wedding, tuxedos are a common choice. However, at a beach ceremony, you will likely stick out as a sore thumb. Tuxedos are not the best choice for mens wedding attire and can clash with the relaxed vibes of a beach wedding. A blazer with a linen shirt, a shirt, or a button-down shirt is a better choice. It’s tempting to wear a shorter-sleeved shirt in hot weather, but it’s better to stick with a lightweight long-sleeve shirt.

2. Choose a stylish, but comfortable shoe

The key to choosing the right shoe is finding the perfect balance between casual and formal. While you don’t want sandals, you don’t want oxfords. Avoid leather and other rigid materials when choosing a shoe. They will make your outfit look uncomfortable and may clash with your rest of the clothes.
A solid, lighter-colored shoe is better than one with intricate details. These slip-ons are a good example of what you should wear. Their design is simple but elegant and they are comfortable enough to be worn in the sand.

3. Get some No-Show Socks

You don’t have to be shy about showing some skin with no-show socks. They will complement your shoes perfectly. No-show socks are a great way to capture the relaxed atmosphere of a beach wedding. They also give you a chance to showcase that summer tan!

4. You should choose light colors

Beach weddings are more relaxed than traditional wedding venues. While we know that you shouldn’t wear a suit to this wedding, you should avoid dark-colored suits and shirts. Contrast with the coastal scenery and dark colors will make your appearance stand out. Cream, beige and pastel are some colors that can make you stand out.

5. Choose the right shades

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory for a beach wedding. They offer both functionality and the chance to showcase your style. Avoid bright, reflective glasses. You want your glasses compliment your outfit and not distract from it. Wayfarers and Aviators are great glasses for a beach wedding. They offer excellent protection for your eyes, but look elegant. Depending on your face shape, sunglasses can look very different.

6. Be Lightweight

Comfortability is key to a beach wedding. You don’t want to spend the day in uncomfortable clothes and struggle through long wedding ceremonies. You can wear cotton or linen pants to a beach-side wedding, but it’s important that your clothing is comfortable and not too restrictive.

7. Sport a Flashy Tie

You can dress down for beach weddings, but you are allowed to be extravagant with your tie. You don’t have to wear a boring, monochromatic tie to a wedding. Instead, bring your brightest and most flashiest tie. You don’t often get to attend a white tie wedding, but many beach weddings are. Take advantage of this opportunity and wear something that will make you stand out from the rest. For the beach wedding vibes, a brightly colored tie or one with a complex design are excellent choices.

8. Go natural with your hairstyle

A slicked-back hairstyle might suit an indoor wedding, but if you’re getting married on the beach, opt for a more natural hairstyle. Having melted gel running down the side of your face is perhaps the worst thing you can do at the beach. You should try to avoid using hair products when you’re attending a beach wedding, and when you can’t, avoid gel-type hair products.

You’ll blend right in with a beach wedding if you have curly, textured hair, but it can be difficult to achieve. You can get that beach look by using products that contain sea spray. There are many brands of sea spray that cost around twenty dollars and give your hair a natural wave. A regular wedding might tempt you to get a haircut the day before the ceremony, but a beach wedding might make you rethink that decision. There is nothing wrong with having a bit of shaggy hair around the edges when attending a beach wedding. You can wear your hair in its natural state if it isn’t so unkempt as to distract from the rest of your outfit.

What to Wear at a Beach Wedding

It is about finding the perfect balance between formal and casual when dressing for a beach-side wedding. Although a beach wedding is more casual than other ceremonies, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dress up to impress. If you’re planning to attend a beach wedding, these tips will help you make an impression and leave others wondering if it was your first.

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