Why Plan Your Beach Wedding Early

Beach Wedding

Today, the average engagement lasts from six months to a year and a half. At the initial outlook, that may seem like an extremely long amount of time. However, many couples need every ounce of time to plan their wedding. From picking a venue, to taking photography, to choosing a guest list, to sending out invitations, to registering for gifts, planning a wedding can be a very time-intensive process. For couples planning a beach wedding, selecting and ordering clothing should be on the top of their priority list. Here is why you should plan your beach wedding early.

Choosing the Wardrobe: Dress Right for Your Beach Wedding
When planning a beach or destination wedding, there are several additional things couples need to consider (compared to planning an ordinary wedding). One of those main things to consider is clothing for the bride, groom, and wedding party. At a beach wedding, colors are often more vibrant to match the tropical atmosphere. Also, fabrics for beach weddings often need to be lighter, due to the heat that often comes with tropical locations. Beach clothing for men (the groom, groomsmen, and ring bearer), linen shirts and pants provide comfort in warm, outdoor environments.

Linen fabric doesn’t cling to the skin, and its structure allows air to flow through the material. For the women at the wedding, linen is a less frequently chosen fabric. However, there are several different things that brides and bridesmaids can consider when selecting clothing for a beach wedding. For brides, light, simple, flowing dresses are a great way to beat the heat while still looking classy and elegant. For bridesmaids, short, light dresses in vibrant colors are a great way for them to blend into the tropical setting. These are essential so plan your beach wedding early.

The Process: Preparing Your Clothing Orders

For many couples, selecting the clothing not only for themselves but also for their wedding party can be a stressful experience. This is especially true when couples have to scour store after store to find clothing that is suitable for their tastes and their beach location. As a result, several soon-to-be newlyweds are turning to online shopping for their beach wedding attire. With online shopping, couples can select the clothing color, style, and fit right from their very own home.

Once they have determined the color and style they like, a couple then needs to get the measurements for their wedding party so they can select sizes. Today, some online wedding stores even offer custom made clothing instead of generic sizing options. One important thing for couples to keep in mind when ordering their beach wedding attire online is to order early. This will ensure that all clothing items arrive in plenty of time.