Beach Wedding in Montenegro

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Innovative, original and daring couples would definitely love the idea of a beach wedding in a not so commercial wedding destination- Montenegro. Located in Southeastern Europe, this jewel of the Adriatic Coast certainly has everything you need to have a memorable beach wedding– luxurious hotels, gorgeous landscape and , most importantly, gorgeous public and private beaches.

You can choose a small, quiet town like Čanj( pronounced: Chanj) and have an undisturbed beach wedding on its long, gorgeous, pebbled beach or, if you have your heart set out on glitz and glamour, head straight to Budva-the hearts of Montenegro’s nightlife. Following the coast south from Budva will get you to a place called Ulcinj which could also be a perfect beach wedding setting. Ulcinj is famous for its beach Velika Plaza, the name that literally translates to Long Beach. And it is indeed the longest contiguous beach of Adriatic Coast with sand so fine, that its even said to have medicinal and therapeutic effects. Now, just try to imagine that view and getting married on the sand soft like it came directly from the Sahara!

Up until recently, Montenegro was just a small, European country and it’s natural beauties were relatively unknown to the general public. However, a few smart  investors have seen its real potential and today, Montenegro is growing up to be quite popular, modern tourist destination. So, if your dream is to surprise everybody by having a unique beach wedding in a radically new destination, Montenegro might be just what you are looking for. Magnificent, all inclusive hotels with their own, private beaches guarantees an undisturbed wedding ceremony and the wedding celebration can be as glamorous as you like.

When to go:

-If you are looking to have a beach wedding followed by a fun, dynamic honeymoon, picking June, July or August would be the best. Montenegro is blossoms during the tourist season so you will have a lot to see and a lot of places to go to.

-Not really a fan of the heat and crowd? No problem, spring beach wedding in Montenegro can be even more romantic. Not many tourists come here in this time so you’ll have your peace and all the beauties of  nature that has just been awoken from its winter sleep.

-September is definitely not the good time to plan your beach wedding in this country. Strong wind and huge waves followed with occasional rain and clouds could ruin your big day. However, if you are a fan of Bronte Sisters, this is the closest thing you will ever get to experiencing that mystique, gloomy and yet incredibly romantic atmosphere described in the novels.

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