Changing Your Name After Your Beach Wedding

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Although it is not required for the bride to change her last name, most people choose to take their husband’s last name after they are married as a significant way to show that they are united in marriage. Some brides choose to keep their maiden name as a family tradition, if they are the last in their family line, or their name has a strong reputation as a public figure. Some other popular options if you want to preserve your maiden name are to hyphenate it or to take your maiden name as your new middle name. Whatever you decide to do, changing your name can seem very overwhelming and one more task to add to your wedding planning to-do list. You really can’t do much until you have your official marriage license, which means you can put this on hold until after your wedding.

To help this process go smoothly, there are a few things you can do before your actual wedding. First, you need to discuss with your fiancée if you will change your name or not and put your new desired name on your application for your marriage license. Also, if you will be booking any flights, hotels or excursions for your honeymoon make sure to use your maiden name to not cause confusion. Even if you do not leave for your honeymoon right after your wedding it’s best to use your maiden name since you will not get your new ID for a few weeks. The last thing to prepare for this change is to get organized and make sure you have any important documents you may need such as your social security card and passport.

Once you return from your honeymoon, your marriage license should be processed and ready for you to pick up. Be sure to get multiple copies since some institutions require and original certified copy of your marriage license as proof of your identity and name change. You will need to change your name on your social security card first, followed by your identification card or driver’s license. Most banks and institutions are very strict about identity and will not let you change your name on your accounts until you have your new identification card. The process may vary by country or state so be sure to look up what requirements you need to follow for yourself.

Changing your name can be a long process so take it one step at a time in order to not get frustrated. Don’t let it stress you out thinking about it before your wedding or on your honeymoon. Enjoy being a newlywed and relax. Here is one fun and very useful thing you can do while enjoying your honeymoon –practice your new signature because you will use it a lot when you come back. Sign your name in the sand while you are soaking up some sun and the fact that you are finally married!

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