Honoring your Family Heritage at your Wedding

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Family tree idea

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Family coats of arms, crests or a  family tree are great wasy to honor your family heritage at your wedding. It’s okay if you’ve never met your great grandparents, or you don’t have the perfect family (who does?), but it’s special to recognize the contribution your family members have made to who you are, especially since you wouldn’t be here without them! Your wedding is the perfect time to show how proud you are of your family or honor family members who have passed away by displaying a family tree or their photos. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Family tree chart – Research your family history and make a family tree chart you will reveal at your wedding ceremony. You can do this secretly and surprise your family by giving them a unique wedding gift they certainly didn’t expect. You can even prepare a little speech and do special toast for them.

Family photo “tree” – Display photos of your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc. on a table or mantle at the entrance to your wedding or in the reception hall. Select photos from their wedding day or a special moment in their life. Place a photo of you and your fiancée in the middle and use photos of various sizes or heights to make it look like a family tree.

Family coat of arms – If your family has a specific marking definitely consider having it on your wedding day even if it’s not used anymore. Having a professional artist reproduce it or printing it out on invitations, thank you notes or seating cards would be a great way to show how much you are proud of your history.

Family traditions – There are many different ways to incorporate your family history and traditions into your wedding ceremony – playing a specific song, using a special knife to cut your wedding cake or drinking champagne from the glasses that have been in your family for decades. You can even alter your grandma’s dress and wear the jewelry your mom wore for her wedding day. Doing this will not just give you unique, vintage wedding attire, it will keep the history alive and the family legacy passed on to future generations.

Run a pre-wedding family blog – Here is a good way to incorporate history and modern technology. Set up a blog and have you and your fiancé update it regularly so the guests can learn more about the history and the family trees of both families. Keep them updated about the family traditions you are planning to honor at your wedding, post pictures or your ancestors and share some interesting facts about your families.

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