Top Beach Wedding & Honeymoon Destinations

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Let’s be practical and rational – If you already have your plane tickets and your beach wedding resort booked, why bother to come back home only to head off to your honeymoon again? Second set of plane tickets, booking the place again, packing one more time and another jet-lag… Why, when you can just stay in the wonderful place where you got married and make the most of your beach wedding experience? No need to spend extra money on transportation, you already got a visa (or maybe you didn’t even need one) and let’s not forget that staying more days in the resort you have already booked for the wedding qualifies you for a discount or a special offer of some kind.

Thailand – Just stepping a foot in this gorgeous place will make you wish to stay more than just 2-3 days. Beach wedding in this paradise will be a one of a kind experience and, if you choose to prolong your stay, you’ll get to enjoy all the wonders Thailand has to offer – beaches and landscape to die for, delicious cuisine and interesting local traditions, events and

Italy – The most romantic country of them all is a wonderful choice for a beach wedding and an even better one for the honeymoon. You’ll have fun exploring, admiring the wonders famous Italian sculptors, painters and builders had created, make great photos and have the chance to try original Italian pizza in a traditional environment.

Hawaii – Colorful cocktails, palm trees, festivities and delicious food… And that’s just a tip of the iceberg! It takes more than just 2 days to really get to see his tropical heaven.

Mexico – Acapulco, Cancun, Ixtapa – you name it! If you have explored the options for having a beach wedding in Mexico, you know what every place has to offer. Now, wouldn’t it be great if you could just chill and spend some unforgettable one-on-one moments enjoying a splash of colors and traditions as well as indulging in that tasty Mexican food and all the wonders of an all inclusive wedding package?

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