Our “Design It” products are made to order; while the conditional requirements of the in-stock return policy also applies to Design it returns, additional return requirement factors apply for Design it. While it should be understood that building custom items and air freighting is an expensive undertaking, we do also want to be as friendly as possible to our customers; so we have revised our once no return policy for our Design it.

Taking back Design It items are strictly dependent on our ability to resell them. They will usually fall under three categories; full resale, resale at a discount; or no resale – appropriately we now have 3 policies: full return, limited return, and non-returnable:

  • Full: Design It Items that are fully returnable enjoy the same policy as our stock items return policy (minus applicable Design it fee).
  • Limited: These can be taken back but in a limited capacity for a lesser refund than the full.
    • The limited and full return policies are subject to a case by case basis; we reserve the eligibility criteria for either, it is based on what  we know will “sell or sit.”
    • We charge an extra fee for our Design it service at checkout above its in-stock counterpart, $15 for plain items and $20 for embroidered, this cost is not returnable regardless of refund qualification.
  • Non-Returnable: Our Tailored service, including hemmed pants are considered made to measure, and therefore we cannot accept returns under any circumstances. Non-stock items.

Limited Policy Applies:

  • Non-standard stock options; collars, fabric colors, pants lining, cuff, buttons, etc.
  • XXX-Large and above sizing on shirts/vests and 44+ pants.
  • Dresses

Not Returnable:

  • Hemmed pants.
  • Tailored, made to measure apparel.
  • Custom embroidery colors on embroidered shirts not matching the shirt fabric color.
  • Special non-standard requests and seamstress service.
  • Jackets. Currently jackets are not stocked and are made to order. They are not returnable. Will be stocked beginning Jan 15, 2021.
    Exchanges on Design It items are charged for the remake minus any qualified and applicable refund criteria outlined above.

If you have questions or concerns whether or not your design it garment will be returnable, please contact us before ordering.


    • While we are very fair and accommodating to our customers, we reserve the right to judge perceived mistakes. Our decision involves strict adherence to our internal policies for circumstances, allowed tolerances of sizing, as well as fabric or embroidery color discrepancies. These criteria are all outlined in our


    and on our informational pages. Please see our FAQ bullets: Custom Orders, Sizing, and Fabric & Embroidery Colors for specific information on each.
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