Custom Orders Delay Period (Tet Holiday)

EFFECTIVE JAN 31st THROUGH FEBRUARY 18th 2024: We have temporarily set the timeline to 3-4 weeks during this time due to our manufacturers observance of TET holiday (Lunar New Year) in Vietnam, and to assure we set proper expectations for delivery. Additionally our expedited service is temporarily not available. This delay will ease by the 3rd week of February when we are able to go back to normal.  We apologize for this inconvenience!

Custom Order Expedited Shipping – (Commences by Feb 14th, 2024)

Our standard delivery timeframe is 3-4 weeks standard (rush 14-18 days), if you need it sooner, we offer expedited shipping (with exception to the delay period). To use this service, first make sure to set your needed in hand date in the calendar setter at checkout, this will set a speed of date in our process queue.  Also type “exp ok” in the order notes for our direct shipping service. In the event we need to ship your order direct, it gives us pre-authorization to do so without the need to contact you (additional charges apply for direct ship). Read on for more details.

Although speed of service date setter is a factor mostly dependent on our current order load in queue, which is in turn is a component of the season, it is not a guarantee we will make that date. It simply pushes your order through faster, but when possible and without disruption to other orders. If we are too backed up for your date, you will be contacted and either told the date is not possible, or you will need to direct ship. Direct ship circumvents our process of weekly bulk to fulfillment, fulfillment to end user process, and cuts shipping timeline down to approx. 2-3 business days. There is an added cost for this service.

To set our guaranteed delivery (direct ship):

  1. At time of making your order, set your needed in hand date in the calendar setter on the checkout page.
  2. Type “Exp Fee Ok” into the order notes of the checkout page.
  3. If you have already made your order, simply reply to your order confirmation or order status email, or just call or email our customer service giving us express info to mark your order rush.
  4. In the event we do need to ship direct to make your date, you will be charged the shipping cost, if we are able to successfully expedite your order using our scheduled process, you will not be charged.

The pricing for direct ship is the cost of the DHL shipping at our discounted rate, but it is shipping from overseas. For one item the price is around $48.00 (depending on market costs), from there it is an incremental value. The second item starts at around $10 and drops in price incrementally on a per item basis from there. Please note, our free shipping offer no longer applies with direct ship and the shipping already paid (if applicable) at the time of checkout will count towards it.

For low season dates our standard delivery can be as quick as 1.5 to 3 weeks but the above process does still need to be followed in order to confirm and guarantee you will receive by your required dates.