Fashion Rules for Grooms

Of course, as a groom you should feel free to dress however you want. You are throwing a ton of money down on that wedding, after all. However, you do want to look as good as you possibly can. Hopefully these tips can help you!

Suit fits the event, make sure they fit you!

Just because you are at a wedding, it does not necessarily mean that you should be decked out in a heavy suit. You will want to choose a style that suits the event. Say, for example, you are getting married outside, maybe on a beach. You will want to opt for something that is a bit more casual. Lighter-colored suits will work wonders here.

You may even want to think about how hot it is going to be. Let’s take wedding beach attire as an example here. You will want to opt for some nice beach linen wedding clothes. They are breathable, but also look fantastic.

Co-Ordinate With the Bride

This is going to be the first time you will been seen as a married couple. This means that you will want your two outfits to coordinate to some degree. Say, for example, if she is wearing white, then you may want to wear a lighter color too. In fact, white is going to work well with her outfit during a more casual event.

Body Type

Honestly, so many people out there choose a suit which does not match their body type. Now, if the groom is nice and tall with a slim figure, most things will look great on him. However, if he is far too skinny, then you want to opt for a double-breasted suit. It creates the illusion that there is more bulk there.

If the guy is erring on the heavier side of things and wants to give the impression that they have slimmed down, then make sure they get hold of a fitted suit. A person that wants to slim down should not opt for lighter colored suits. They will have the opposite effect. Instead, you will want to opt for darker colored suits.

If you are short, then opt for a suit which has fewer buttons. The more buttons, the more it shows off how short you are. Two or three buttons on your jacket should be sufficient.

Make Sure it is fitted!

All wedding attire that you purchase should be fitted. Everybody has a different body type. You would have to be exceedingly lucky to pick up a suit which fits you perfectly. There will need to be a few adjustments made. If the shop that you are purchasing from does not do adjustments, then take it to your local tailor. It will cost you a bit of money, but it is going to be completely worth it!

Remember; start looking for your wedding suit months before your wedding. This way you can be sure that you will end up with something that looks awesome on you. It will be quite a long search, have no doubt about that!

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