Our sizing is true and correct to US sizing. If you are usually a large, you will be a large in our apparel.

To verify sizing, use the PDF or Video to measure and compare to our size charts: Relaxed Fit or Fitted Cut.

Only use tailored sizing if you are hard to fit or in between sizes.

Tailor your sizing if you are in between sizes. This is usually caused by being disproportional somehow; whether tall and thin, short and wide, or muscular.

Use and print our PDF directions for at home or for use with a tailor. You can use our Video for overview, the PDF is more precise.

Add 1 – 2 inches on any measurement for additional comfort or length if desired. **Length add-on recommended if you have large shoulders, large chest or large stomach as shirt “Pull Up” occurs with larger upper body features.

Use the Tailor button at the product page to enter measurements: tailored-shirts-button

Standard sizing is what you usually wear/purchase at the store. Our sizing is relatively accurate with most, but because of the high variances between manufacturers (some add 2 inches some add 6 inches), we highly recommend you measure. We add 2 inches onto all our men’s standard pant sizes (mens only does not include kids). For example: a size 36 waist will measure 38 inches. This is same for all sizes.

As explained we add 2 inches to all men’s waist sizes, so when measured this must be taken into account – for example, if you measure 38 inches around the waist, you would order a 36 since a size 36 will measure 38 inches. For accurate measurement; measure around where your pants usually sit, and DO NOT measure over other clothing. Click here for our Two Inch Rule.

Only use tailored sizing if you are hard to fit or in between sizes.

Whether measuring at home or using a tailor, print and use our PDF directions. You can also use our Video.

Enter measurements at the product page: tailored-shirts-button

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