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If you think you are going to walk down that aisle in a traditional suit for weddings when you are planning a destination wedding, then you have another thing coming. Unless you are getting married in an exceedingly cold place, you are probably going to die of heat stroke. Well, probably not, but it is going to make your day a whole lot more uncomfortable. This is not exactly great when you want it to be the best day of your life. Thankfully, the tips on this page should set you off on the right path!

Mens Linen Beach Attire for Weddings
Colima Linen Wedding Guayabera Shirt Red Embroidery

Purchase Summer Wedding Attire

We are going to assume that you are planning a destination wedding at a hot, tropical destination. If you are not, then forgive us. However, if you are heading somewhere that is a little bit on the hotter side of things, then you will want to purchase summer wedding attire. Traditional suits are not going to do here. You are going to be so hot.

We recommend that you look for a store which offers beach wedding linen clothes. So, clothes which breathe very well. This means shirts. In fact, you can pick up whole suits made of linen. The major benefit of linen, other than the fact that it breathes so you will not boil like a ham, is the fact that it is nice and lightweight. This means that it is not cumbersome to wear. You are probably going to be stuck in those clothes for hours. This means you need them to be light.

Personalized Clothing

If you can afford it, then go down the route of custom wedding embroidered shirts for men. They are not that expensive. Kit everybody in your wedding party out with them. This means the groom, the usher, ringbearer, basically all of your groomsmen.

They look stylish, and it is a lovely reminder of the great day that you had. Just as much as your wife is going to look back on her wedding dress and remember the ‘big day’, you are going to look back on your custom embroidered shirts for a groom and remember the big day too!


Beach wedding jewelry may be a little bit different to the jewelry that you would wear at a traditional wedding. Many people like to keep their jewelry looking and feeling ‘natural’. It is better like this. Beach weddings tend to be more casual affairs due to the heat. Of course, you are going to want to opt for a company which has a plethora of different options for you to choose from. This way you can be sure that you are picking up something which really does look great and showcases your personality.

You want to choose jewelry which is going to match the rest of your attire. It really makes no sense to wear flashy watches and the like if most of your look is going to be ‘casual’ in style.

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