Planning Your Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are nothing short of fabulous. There is no feeling quite like getting married on a sandy, white beach. A beautiful, glistening sea as your backdrop. Heat blaring down on you. Standing next to the one that you love. Of course, if you want everything to go off without a hitch, you are going to need to play that beach wedding well in advance. Here are a few tips that you will be able to put into action.

Beach Wedding Ambiance


Your first plan of attack will be to sort out the location for your beach wedding. Go and scout a few locations. You will want to keep an eye out for the beauty of the area. Try to opt for something a bit more unique. It is important that you choose a location which will be easy to reach. This includes ample parking in the nearby area. Yes, that does take away from the ‘perfection’ a little bit. It can be tempting to have that wedding ‘off the beaten track’ in an area which is virtually untouched, but if your guests can’t reach it, it is pointless.

In most locations, you are going to need to have a permit in place to have a beach wedding. Make sure you do your research on this!

Dress Appropriately

It is going to be exceedingly hot on that beach, hopefully. You probably are not going to want to be decked out in a suit that you can overheat in. Instead, opt for some beach wedding linen clothes. They breathe well. They also look fantastic, providing you purchase them from a top company that provides summer wedding attire.

For the lovely bride, you may want to ditch the veil and get a gorgeous, lightweight dress. Heels are going to be a no-no on the beach. Since the wind will be blowing in at a rather high speed, then opt for an up do rather than have your hair free-flowing.

Planning The Ceremony

You have your beach wedding apparel for men sorted. This means it is time to start planning what the actual ceremony is going to look like. Let us wrap up this page with a few tips here:

  • Try to keep the area as natural as possible. If you have chosen a good location, then the sea and the sand is going to look gorgeous enough. You are not going to need to jazz everything up with decorations. If you do want to opt for some decorations, then the natural route is the way to go. Sand-colored furniture, shells etc.
  • Have your beach wedding on a weekday. If you have it on a weekend, you are not going to have that much privacy. You should also try to ensure that your wedding ends about an hour before sunset. This is when you are going to be able to take the best photographs.
  • Make sure there is an ample amount of shade! The more shade, the better! You do not want your guests to overheat!
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