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Men's Linen Shorts

Comfortable, classy, and stylish – linen shorts are the perfect staple to add to your wardrobe and stand out from the crowd wherever you go. Bring a unique sway to your style.

Explore our men’s linen shorts collection!

  •   Veradero Light Sand Linen Shorts
    In Stock and Design It

    FIN Veradero Linen Drawstring Shorts in Light Sand


    100% high quality soft linen
    8″ inseam
    Zipper back welt style pocket
    Dry clean for best result or machine wash delicate, hang dry

  •   Veradero Drawstring Linen Shorts in Natural
    In Stock and Design It

    FIN Veradero Linen Drawstring Shorts in Natural


    100% high quality soft linen
    8″ inseam
    Zipper back welt style pocket
    Dry clean for best result or machine wash delicate, hang dry

  •   Veradero Drawstring Linen Shorts in Navajo White
    In Stock and Design It

    FIN Veradero Linen Drawstring Shorts in White


    100% high quality soft linen
    8″ inseam
    Zipper back welt style pocket
    Dry clean for best result or machine wash delicate, hang dry

  •   Vilano Charcoal Gray Shorts
    Design It

    Vilano | Custom Linen Shorts


    These flat front shorts are cool and comfortable in a style more suitable for a formal occasion, while in 100% linen they are still designed for the beach. Available in 11 different colors.

    NOTE: This is a made to order garment, therefore, it may have a limited or no return policy. Please refer to the “Design It” section of our Returns Policy. Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for standard shipping (not available currently) for delivery.

    Hover over thumbnail pictures to note product and emb colors colors.

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  •   Vyrona Linen Drawstring Shorts Natural
    In Stock and Design It

    Vyronas | Linen Drawstring Stock Shorts


    These shorts are cool, comfortable, and best of all go perfectly with our Linen shirts. These drawstring shorts come with side lower pockets, a button and drawstring for a dressier casual look. Choose from 4 different fabric colors.

    Select the “Design It” button for our made to our order option. It includes more sizes up to 52 (and beyond with tailoring), 7 additional colors, fit, style, and personalization options, as well as an option to tailor the fit.

    See Our Colors Gallery
    Click For Sizing & Color Help

Men’s Linen Shorts By Wedding Tropics

Have you been searching for quality linen shorts to add to your casual wear collection? Weddings Tropics bring you an exciting range of men’s linen shorts, handcrafted from the finest Italian material. Find your favorite styles and color combinations to steal the spotlight wherever you go. If you don’t find the right size, you can even get your linen shorts tailored for you.

What Makes Linen A Perfect Choice For Shorts?

Linen is one of the strongest and most durable natural fibers and makes for a perfect choice for shorts for several reasons.

1. Summer-Friendly Material

Summers can get hot, humid, and sweaty. As a lightweight, soft, and breathable fabric, linen allows you to stay cool in hot temperatures and absorbs the moisture from your skin. Sweaty pants in summers  Breathable shorts every season  No more sweat stains or that uncomfortable sticky feeling. Check out linen shorts by Wedding Tropics!

2. Comfort Guaranteed

Cotton or unnatural fibers spell disaster for anyone with even slightly sensitive skin. Skin conditions, allergies, inflammation, and whatnot. If you no longer want to put your skin to the test, opt for linen shorts from now on. With linen's hypoallergenic properties, it prevents microbes from accumulating and destroys pathogen bacteria.

3. Longer Lasting

Your linen shorts don’t need to be something you wear once and then tuck them away. They’re highly durable and last much longer than cotton shorts. Plus, you don’t have to worry about shrinkage when washing your linen shorts. Linen's flax fibers are resistant to abrasion and stretching. In fact, you'll find your shorts only getting softer and shinier with each wash!

Added Benefit: Environment-Friendly

We’re also very particular about using sustainable material for our shorts. Not only is linen a strong and lasting fabric, but it’s flax seeds also mean that less water is used to produce and so, there’s also much less waste. Class and comfort coupled with sustainability. Can’t wait to get your hands on Wedding Tropics’ men’s linen shorts? Explore our collection today!

Traditional v/s Drawstring Men’s Linen Shorts

At Wedding Tropics, we offer two main styles of linen shorts for men. Traditional button-close shorts and drawstring shorts. Which one is better? Both! It’s totally up to your preference. You probably have some experience with traditional men's linen shorts. We’ll just introduce how drawstring shorts are different. The rest we leave to you!

Easy To Put On (and Take Off)

With regular line shorts, you have a zipper and button so it takes a few seconds to put them on every time. With drawstring shorts, you just have to set it correctly once and you’re good to go every next time. Of course, you don’t need a belt to go with your linen drawstring shorts as well!

Extremely Comfortable

Linen shorts are themselves one of the most comfortable shorts options. With the semi-elastic waistband, drawstring shorts that the material doesn’t cut or dig into your waist.

Low Maintenance

Due to their strong fabric and absorbing properties, both button-close and drawstring linen shorts for men are incredibly low maintenance. Wash them normally whenever you need to!

Pair Well With Any Shirt

With men’s linen shorts, figuring out what shirts to wear is no issue. Be it a solid-fill shirt or a printed shirt, you can try out dozens of styles.Keep it classy without being too formal or too casual! So, have you decided whether regular shorts or drawstring shorts are for you? Perhaps a collection of both is best to keep with you!

Men’s Linen Shorts: Shorts You Can Wear Anywhere

Are men’s linen shorts only for a few parties? Not at all. You know you can sport them with just about any shirt, so really you can wear them anywhere you go! Here are some places where linen shorts are the perfect choice for any man:

Work From Home

Yes, okay you probably won’t be heading to the office in your linen shorts. But that doesn’t mean you can't wear them for work from home. In fact, with a formal shirt and even a suit, you can put on your linen shorts. Just one of the many perks of working from home and linen shorts!

Casual Weekend Vibes

With work and formal outings during the week, the weekend is the time to bring out your best casual style. Pair your khaki linen shorts with a light-colored linen shirt and put on your sandals. A perfect weekend outing attire right there.

Beach Weddings

Probably one of the best parts of a beach wedding is that you get to move away from traditional wedding outfits and experiment a little. If you’re a groom, a groomsman, or just a guest for a beach wedding, linen shorts can be the perfect option for your beach wedding attire. They work perfectly in the hot weather and also make for a stunning outfit for the beach. It’s up to you when and where you wear your linen shorts. Check out the Wedding Tropics variety today!

Elevate Your Style Game With Men’s Linen Shorts Today!

So, are you ready to up your style with men’s linen shorts? Explore Wedding Tropics' amazing range of men’s linen shorts. Choose your favorite colors, style, and sizes. Opt for classic traditional linen shorts or enjoy the comfort of the drawstring shorts – the choice is yours. Buy the best men’s linen shorts now!