Beach Wedding Attire Tips for Male Guests

If you are heading to a beach wedding, then traditional wedding wear is not going to cut it. You head to that beach in a suit, and you are going to boil to death. Well, if you opt for a traditional suit that is. Here, we are going to walk you through summer wedding attire.

Beach Wedding Mens Attire- WeddingTropics


The only thing that you should be considering for a destination wedding is linen. Thankfully, there are plenty of beach wedding linen clothes to choose from. A good pair of linen pants and a linen button down shirt should do the trick. You have to remember that beach weddings tend to be more semi-formal affairs due to the location. You may want to double check with the groom beforehand, but you should be fine going more casual.


In terms of color, you are going to want to get something which is brightly colored. It will stop you sweating like there is no tomorrow. Your pants can be white or beige. If you are looking for a suit, then go down the route of tan or cream colored.

The major benefit of choosing these colors is that they not only look amazing, but they do not absorb heat that well. This means that you do not have to worry about overheating, a common problem if you go with the traditional black suit for a wedding.

Should You Go Formal?

As we mentioned previously; this is something that you are really going to want to be asking the bride and groom. Since it is a beach wedding, it is unlikely to be a formal affair. This means that you can get a bit more casual with the beach wedding attire.

We suggest that you ditch the tie at a beach wedding. It will overheat your neck, especially when it gets hot in tropical weather. If you are going to be wearing a tie, then we promise that you will ditch it before the end of the ceremony, so just don’t bother taking it!

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Beach Wedding Jewelry

Many people will not wear any jewelry to a wedding as a guest. As stylish as jewelry can be, it can overheat your body quite a lot. If you do want to wear jewelry, just to add a bit more of a kick to your outfit, then we suggest that you invest in some proper beach wedding jewelry. This stuff has been designed specifically for the hot weather. It also looks a bit more casual, which will go down well with the rest of what you are wearing.


Finally, invest in some good shoes! Since you are on the sand, then sandals can be worn! In fact, it is advisable as it is going to be great for the sand. Of course, you can’t just pick up a pair from your local dollar store, they are going to need to look good. So, pick up some dedicated wedding ones.

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