4 Beach Wedding Dressing Mistakes to Avoid

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Ashley Dias Garcia

The uncertainty around how to dress for a beach wedding usually results in many people ending up getting the whole thing wrong. In such instances, embarrassment is inevitable, and the best thing you can do is to avoid beach wedding dressing mistakes in the first place by making sure that your outfit is perfect.

So, how do you make sure that you don’t make mistakes when dressing to a beach wedding? It is easy; the good thing is that this post will highlight the mistakes that will make you look out of place for a beach wedding and help you avoid them.

White Dresses

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You probably have that beautiful white dress that you have been looking for an occasion to put it on, but a beach wedding or any wedding for that matter is not one of them. We all expect only one white dress in the wedding – the bride’s and even if you heard that she settle for other colors, dressing in white will undoubtedly make you look the odd one out. The idea is to have an open mind when selecting your dresses and to ensure that you keep it subtle but chic and stylish.

Too Long Dresses

Among common beach wedding dressing mistakes that many ladies make when dressing up for a beach wedding is thinking that it is a good idea to go with an overly maxi dress. It is true that long dresses can be fabulous by the beach, but a very long one will only be a burden. How? Think about it; the beach is full of sand, and if your dress is wiping the floor as you walk, it will only be collecting a lot of sand. As a result, it will look dirty and heavy plus you will need to look for another dress for the reception especially since it is likely to be at a hotel. To avoid this, keep the dress short and simple.


While you may have perfected walking in heels on almost any pavement, the sand by the beach is a whole new experience. The need to choose the right footwear when attending a beach wedding cannot be emphasized more, and one thing is sure – no heels. The best is to go with flat sandals, preferably open. The kind that will not give you a hard time walking on the sand. Remember to get a pedicure, more so when you settle for open sandals.

Lose outfits

Light fabrics are recommended for the beach wedding for the single reason of aeration and freshness due to the heat by the seaside, but don’t go overboard and put on lose outfits. These are the kind that will not withstand any slight gust or breezes, and you will end up turning heads for all the wrong reasons. So when you are picking the clothes to put on for the beach wedding, think about the slits and other loose parts. It is best to avoid such beach wedding dressing mistakes altogether.