6 Ideas for Tropical Wedding Dresses

Tropical Wedding Dresses

colima beach wedding linen shirt oceanThere’s no denying that the idea of a tropical destination wedding has some appeal. A beach, your groom and your nearest and dearest sounds as close to paradise as you can get on your wedding day! However, tropical beaches tend to have hot, potentially humid weather, and there’s a lot of sand and
other stuff to deal with – so we’ve put together some great ideas for tropical wedding dresses.

1. The Simple Sheath or Column

When you’re shopping for tropical wedding dresses, you probably need to cross all the heavy, multi layered options off the list right away. Not only will they be way too hot to wear, they’ll also be likely to snag on everything around you.
A simple sheath or column dress in silk or another natural, breathable fabric is a fantastic choice that will look fantastic and still be cool and comfortable.

2. High Low Styles

If your tropical wedding is happening in a garden, on a beach or somewhere else that’s a little less paved and smooth, a high low style can be a great choice. It’s cool, and it makes navigating tropical plants and sand dunes a lot simpler – especially if you also choose to be barefoot or wear sensible shoes!

3. Hippy Styles

If your wedding is cool and casual, why not get a dress to match? A hippy inspired, peasant style tropical wedding dress can look fantastic with simple shoes and flowers in your hair! Whether you go for simple cotton or linen or chose something different like a crocheted tropical wedding dress style, you can create a beautiful, bohemian look you’ll love looking at for many years to come.

4. Asymmetrical Styles

Another great idea for tropical beach wedding dresses is to look for asymmetrical styles. These could be on the bodice and shoulder detail, or it could be an asymmetrical hemline. Either way, it will look great, and give you a little more support and security if you’re having an outdoor wedding. Sometimes, strapless tropical wedding dresses don’t stay put!

5. Colorful Styles

If you’re going for a tropical wedding dress, and you don’t mind breaking tradition, this can be a great time to introduce some color!

Since you can’t have a heavy, hot, multi layer dress in a tropical climate, why not add interest with an ombre style, that fades from a pastel or darker pink, blue or lavender at the bottom to white at the top? Or go really bold with a color that echoes the tropical vegetation around you?

6. As Casual as You Choose

The truth is, when you have a tropical wedding, you can go about as casual as you choose. Some people even choose to get married on the beach in little more than swimsuis and sarongs, and if that’s the feeling you want from your wedding, that’s entirely up to you. After all, it’s your big day!

Tropical wedding dresses, like any other wedding dress if we’re being honest, are entirely a matter of your personal taste. So, choose whatever makes you feel beautiful and special, and have the big day of your dreams!