Appropriate Dressing to a Beach Wedding for Women


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You almost always have something in your wardrobe for all the invitations you get, but with one to a beach wedding, you may have to think twice. As straightforward as dressing to a beach wedding might sound, it is trickier than it seems. So, how do you decide on what to wear? Read on.

The first thing that you will have to do is check the invitation for any dressing code pointers. While it is true that some couples will not mention the preferred dressing code, most of them do. In the instance that the dressing code is not specified, you will find this guide extremely helpful. We look at ways of dressing to a beach wedding and look appropriate. Be sure to check out our collection of top-quality beach wedding attire for women.

Big dresses are a no-no

While maxi dresses can work for most formal and casual occasions, beach weddings are just not one of them. When picking the right length of the dress to dress to a beach wedding, the one thing you want to bear in mind is the sand on the beach. A long dress will pick up a lot of sand when you walk around the beach and end up dirty and heavy. As such, you want to keep your beach wedding dress short and simple. A length just below the knees should be okay.

Ditch the heels

You may be a pro at walking on heels on pretty much all terrains, but a beach wedding is no place for heels. The soft ground on the beach filled with sand can make it almost impossible to walk on heels, and the last thing you want is to create a scene. The best thing to do would be to put on flat sandals with a broad base area for ease of walking. On that note, be sure to get a pedicure, especially if you will be wearing open-toe flats.

Wear sunscreen

There is no doubt most beach weddings are held during the warm seasons if not in the tropics. That means sitting in the sun for long hours, and you wouldn’t want to turn all red due to sunburn. Therefore, before leaving for the event, wear sunscreen. You may also need to carry a wide-brim hat and sunglasses. However, most beach weddings take place during sunset when the intensity of the sun is low. Better yet, it is more likely that shade will be provided for the guests. If not sure, just be prepared.

Keep the fabric light

As mentioned before, the weather is going to be hot and to make sure that you don’t sweat all over the place, pick the light fabrics for your outfit. These breathable fabrics will promote breathability and thereby keep you cool and fresh. When choosing the light dresses, bear in mind that the gusts from the sea may be strong enough to blow things up and too loose dresses and flowing skirts might fall victims. So, while you need light fabrics, factor in the effect of the wind.