A Guys Guide To Casual Beach Wedding Attire

The season for beach weddings is quickly approaching. That being said, you will want to consider the attire you will need for a casual wedding. While you don’t need to be especially fancy you need to strike that perfect balance between casual while acknowledging the significant nature of the occasion.


Though ideally you still need to wear a suit, it can and should be one you are comfortable in. And the good news is that if you aren’t a tie kind of guy, a beach wedding is a perfect excuse not to wear one with your suit. Leather shoes and a patterned or solid dress shirt complete the look. Options you may or may not choose to add include a suede belt in cufflinks.


Just keep in mind that light-colored suits are always your best bet for a casual beach wedding. Not only is black not necessary, but you will look like you are trying too hard. You also want to avoid a tan suit because you will blend in with the sand. In most cases, a light shade of blue or gray would be ideal for the occasion.


For some inspiration, when it comes to men’s casual beach wedding attire, take a look at a fitted cut Italian linen stock shirts. They are a great way to appear stylish on your wedding day without having to dress in clothes you won’t be comfortable in. You have a lot of choices with this type of shirt and you won’t go wrong no matter what you ultimately pick. You can choose between light colors and slightly brighter more eye-catching colors. Since all eyes will be on you and your bride, a brightly colored shirt can add energy to any beach wedding. Just keep in mind that brightly colored shirts make it more difficult to hide any perspiration you might experience.


If you are afraid your casual beach wedding attire will appear a little too casual you can always add a Monaco Italian Linen Stock Vest. It won’t make your outfit any less comfortable but it will help you upgrade your wedding day style a bit.


It isn’t just what you wear from the neck down that makes a difference on your wedding day. If you are concerned about getting a sunburned head or frying your hair in the hot sun, consider wearing an appropriate hat. The specific type you choose depends a lot on your own style and on exactly how casual the wedding will be.


Typically, one of the best choices is a Fedora. For a casual beach wedding, one made of straw complements the ambiance perfectly. A Panama hat is another option you have to choose from. Mostly hand -woven, this type of hat really never goes out of style and can be suitable for a beach wedding.


In short, choosing men’s casual beach wedding attire may be one of the easiest parts of planning your wedding. You avoid having to be fitted for a tuxedo and you can really express your unique personality through the outfit you ultimately choose.