A Wedding Guests Guide to Beach Attire for Men

Beach Attire for Men

While many couples dream of getting married with the sand under their toes, it can definitelyWedding 4
cause some confusion when it comes to guests concerning what they need to wear to
celebrate the day in style. As opposed to the usual traditional dress codes such as semi-
formal, cocktail, or formal, the whole beach element means that you can usually think a little
more cool, casual, and calm when dressing for the event.

Naturally, the weather, time of year, and venue will also be the deciding factor when it comes
to your chosen look. First of all, you should do a quick search of the venue online and check
what level of formal it is. For example, if it overlooks the beach on a patio or rooftop, normal
attire is fine.

However, if it is on the actual sand, you will need to adhere to the beachy vibes. Let’s take a
look at this little guide to beach attire for men.


If the attire is formal, you should opt for a long-sleeved shirt or suit. You should then add a
tie, jacket, and slacks. You should choose solid colors and avoid colors such as white, cream,
and black.

A summer-type suit is the perfect solution. A fabric such as khaki, linen, or seersucker will
work best as they are breathable. You should then choose a nice pair of shoes that
complement the slacks.

Although it is a beach wedding, shorts and sandals should never be worn unless the bride and
groom are okay with it.

Semi-Formal Cocktail

While a jacket isn’t required for semi-formal attire, a nice sport coat or unique blazer can be a
very fun addition to your outfit. You can include prints but try to avoid anything that is overly
obnoxious or loud. Shoes can also be more casual but ensure that they remain closed in.
Again, no sandals or shorts are permitted.

Beach Casual

When it comes to beach casual, a nice, short-sleeved shirt, such as a polo, is permitted. You
can also wear nice shorts, like Chinos, with a nice belt to make it a little more stylish. You
should try to opt for lighter colors and bold prints to elevate your look.
You should try to avoid cargo, denim, and any swim shorts as these can often be way too
casual. Cotton t-shirts should also be invited as no matter how casual a wedding is, they are
usually never cotton t-shirt level casual. In this instance, you may be able to wear sandals to
the beach wedding.

However, you should ensure that you keep your feet well-manicured before opting for an
open-toe look. If not, you can choose a deck shoe or loafer, but not sneakers.

The Bottom Line

Choosing beach attire for men is never an easy task. Hopefully, this little guide can help you
choose the right attire as a wedding guest. No matter what the dress code is, we have you
covered! Shop our selection now!