Appropriate Beach Wedding Dressing Tips

Beach Wedding Outfit

Picking the right outfit for a beach wedding can be confusing and overwhelming for many people especially first-timers. The good thing is that you can easily find the best beach attire to feel comfortable with a few appropriate beach wedding dressing tips.

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If you were thinking of turning down the invitation to a beach wedding just because you didn’t know what to wear, then it is a good thing that you are here because you won’t have to. The truth is; you are not alone. For many people, dressing for a beach wedding is a conundrum whose only remedy seems to be turning down the invite.

The good news is that you can use a few tips for appropriate beach wedding dressing and blend in like the rest of them. The first place to look for clues, though, would be in the invite, but if there aren’t any, do not fret. The following is how you can rock in a beach wedding attire and feel good and comfortable.

Put on the Colors that You Love

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If there is one place that has no limits regarding how bold you can go with colors; it is a beach wedding. So, if you have that dress that you thought was too shouting for the weekend, then put it for the beach wedding. However, do not make the mistake that many people make – putting on a white dress. Remember that it is a wedding no matter how casual it may feel and no one wants to confuse you with the bride. Some colors that would work for an appropriate beach wedding dressing include green, blue, orange, yellow and bold patterns.

Wear Simple but Elegant Flat Sandals

When it comes to what you wear on your feet, ‘flat’ is the keyword. Don’t even begin to think about the heels you’ve always wanted to wear since it will be a disaster at the beach. You won’t be able to walk in the sand. The best option, therefore, is wearing simple but elegant flat sandals that combine well with your outfit. A pointer to appropriate beach wedding dressing: ensure that you get a pedicure if you are planning to wear open sandals.

Accessorize with Style


Feel free to combine a couple of accessories with your outfit to bring out the stylish and beach look. If you are wearing a dress with a wide neckline, a lovely necklace can go a long way to make you classy, and earrings will complete the look. Have fun when picking your accessories since you will be going to the beach after all. if you need any pointers, check out our collection of elegant accessories for beach weddings.

Short is Better

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Besides making it difficult to walk on heels, the sand on the beach also makes it messy to wear long dresses. Such are those that wipe the floor as you walk since they will end up dirty and not ideal for the reception. Your best pick would be a shorter dress that fits just right. The point is to have a dress that you can wear at the wedding and at the reception.

Think About the Sun

This goes without saying, but a little emphasis will not break a bone. The sun is almost inevitable in a beach wedding, and the best thing to do is to go prepared. Most weddings end with a reception in the evening but you don’t want to be all red and shiny from sun burns just because you forgot your sunscreen.

Before leaving the house, make sure that you have applied an effective sunscreen, and carry a hat and sunglasses too. The beauty of beach weddings is to do it in the open air, so the probability of having shade is very slim.