Are beach weddings for bums?

If the thought of the beach brings to your mind the picture of bums bumming it there, a beach wedding will be something that you will not appreciate. But think of how romantic it would be to take your vows with your beloved under the silvery rays of the moon, with the sea racing towards the shore to spary you with droplets as the waves smash against the sand and the cool breeze wafts in from the sea ruffling your hair, as musicians play here comes the bride and your loved one waits eagerly for you to join him at the makeshift altar under the starry, moonlit sky!

If this has not inspired you with romantic visions and you still think beach wedding are for beach bums, you must attend a few to appreciate that beach weddings can be classy too!Planned beach weddings can be very formal, informal or romantic. The settings can be beautifully sentimental, blissfully natural or perfectly organized. The choice is yours.

Many beach weddings are designed for intimacy. A special day or night can vibrate with emotion as you tie the knot amidst waving palms under the gentle caressing light of the moon on a deserted beach. You can have a riotous wedding with family and friends too! The event planner will discuss the details with you and you can pick the kind of wedding that just matches your mood. You can plan a beach wedding that will leave you sentimentally recalling the event, when you are a Darby and Joan, years later.

Beach Setting of The Wedding

Planning for a beach wedding, is entirely a different ball game altogether. You will have to decide on your dress and also on how, what, where, when and why of the wedding arrangements. You need to book the place even though the beach comes free. You will have to meet the event planners and discuss with them the details of seating and catering arrangements. If you are making the arrangements yourself, you will have to make sure you have all the services you need near at hand and that all the services will be made available at the right time and at the right place.

Finally, you will have to give your guests a map of the location with directions on how to get there! So forget all the fuzzy ideas about beach weddings and bums and have a beach wedding that you will remember and cherish all your life!

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