Smoke Vest, Smoke Pants, White Bradford Shirt

Sylvie Tanguay Macdonald

The fewer formalities associated with beach weddings, compared to what is the case for traditional weddings, encourages creativity when it comes to dressing. While most brides will choose to stick to the wedding gown, the grooms and groomsmen have a wide variety of options from which to choose. The fundamental thing remains that they should remain stylish when picking beach wedding outfits.

To help you pick the best and appropriate outfits on your big day, the following beach wedding attire ideas for grooms and groomsmen should give you adequate pointers on how to go about the same.

Breathable fabrics

The first and probably most important thing to consider is the kind of fabric your beach wedding attire will be made of. Given the high temperatures at the beach, you want to have breathable fabrics. The last thing you want is to be all sweaty when exchanging vows. This is especially relevant when looking to include a jacket in your outfit. Linen and other light fabrics should do you good.

Bow ties and hatsSmoke Vest, Smoke Pants, White Bradford Shirt

The pairing of a quality hat and a bow tie can complete a stylish look for the beach wedding. Better yet, the hat also acts as protection from the rays of the sun that seem to beat down hard during summer. To add more style, you could choose to add suspenders to the mix and lose the jacket for a trendier look. If your groomsmen are also going with the same look, you could match the color of their bow ties with the dresses of the bridesmaids.


You can never go wrong with a nice and properly fitting waistcoat on most occasions and a beach wedding is one of them. What makes this look even better is that you can choose to combine it with different other pieces of attire for your destination wedding. For one, you can roll up the sleeves of the shirt, put on a bow tie, a tie, or lose the tie altogether. Either way, you are assured of a smart casual look, perfect for the beach wedding.

Linen Pants

As mentioned before, beach wedding attire is all about feeling easy in light fabrics and choosing linen for your pants can be a good idea. The good thing is that you can choose a wide range of styles and designs for your pants to not only match the theme of the wedding but also be appropriate for the beach. Check out our collection of stylish and comfortable linen pants for your beach wedding, ideal for both grooms and groomsmen.