Beach Weddings – Key Hair & Makeup Tips Make for a Beautiful Bride

Nothing’s more romantic or beautiful than a beach wedding, but the elements can take a toll on the bride’s appearance.  Considering it’s the most important day of your life, melting makeup and frizzy hair just won’t do.  When you’re tying the knot on the beach, it could mean disaster depending on location and weather conditions.  Humidity, wind, water, hot sun; how can you be a glowing, beautiful bride regardless of what Mother Nature throws at you?  We have a few key tips that will ensure you’re gorgeous and capture the eyes of all who attend.

In the weeks prior to your beach wedding, gulp down the water. Hydrating from the inside out is essential for great skin and hair. Salty sea air can dehydrate your skin, so moisture’s important.  Be sure to use a good moisturizer on your wedding day, and ask your stylist about the best products to keep your hair moisturized as well.

Consider a hair and makeup trial.  It’s a good idea to experiment with different hair and makeup looks before the big day arrives.  The best hairstyles for a beach wedding are those that are natural and not too “fixed.”  Think natural curls, pulling hair up loosely and accenting with flowers, or a loose braid if your hair isn’t naturally curly.  A finishing powder will help makeup stay in place, or even consider air brushing if it’s available at your chosen destination.

Curly hair?  Many gals with curly hair finds humidity adds to the “frizz” factor.  If you plan to wear your hair down, use a product designed to tamed frizz.  Also consider a light spritz of anti-humidity hair spray to keep frizz under control.

Keep makeup light.  Under the sweltering sun, most products won’t hold up well.  The combination of hot, blazing sunshine and humidity can result in a shiny complexion, not good when it comes to wedding photos.  To keep shine under control, choose a light matte foundation or use a foundation primer before applying a tinted pressed powder that matches your skin tone.

As far as eye makeup goes, choose waterproof products.  There are lots of products today that will stay put when it comes to eye shadow, liner, and mascara.  While you still want to apply using a light touch, waterproof products will ensure the occasional spray of ocean water, humidity, and sweat don’t leave you with raccoon eyes or streaks of black running down your face!

Attire and accessories for men. Make sure your groom and groomsmen are equally prepared in their selection of high quality beach wedding attire for men. Linen is not only a natural choice for a casual wedding, but by far offers the highest in breathability thus providing a cool comfortable feeling for your groom and groomsmen, on what could be a hot humid time on the beach. Choose from a large selection of unique styles of mens linen shirts, pants, and suits from WeddingTropics.

Beach Wedding

A beach wedding is the dream of many brides and grooms; with proper planning and the right products, you can enjoy the wedding without worry about your makeup and hair – and you’ll be the beautiful bride you’ve always envisioned on your special day.

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