Bridal Footwear for a Beach Wedding

Bridal Footwear

The bride and groom have picked their attire and have a sense of how everything is coming together. And then here is the compelling question of the day. What will adorn the bride’s feet at a beach wedding? She should probably rule out the spike heeled Jimmy Choo pumps or the Manolo Blahnik sling back sandals. While they are beautiful, the bride should not have to worry about slipping and falling while walking in her bridal footwear for a beach wedding across the sand.

So, here are some realistic options: the bride can wear satin pumps with delicate embroidery or some crystal work; choose peep-toe flat sandals to match her dress or use a woven sandal that may suit the tropical beach setting or use a classic Mary Jane dyeing it to match her outfit. Flip-flops are a possibility, given the locale, but i snot common.

Beach Setting of The Wedding

While all these are great looks, there is a better simple option. The beach wedding will probably be best accentuated if she goes bare feet and chooses to use foot jewelry to complete the bridal look. Foot jewelry is also called barefoot sandals sometimes. You get the look of sandals while letting your sole be in free contact with the sun-warmed sand. This can be ideal footwear for a beach wedding.

There are elegant pieces available offering various combinations of shells, fresh water pearls, turquoises, glass beads, pearl discs and pink quartz. These are usually strung together on an elastic string and look like an anklet continuing down in a beautiful pattern to the toes. So, it is gripped at the ankle and has a loop through the second toe.

The look is charming and classic at the same time. Foot jewelry will make the bride feel like a goddess on her special day; it is not an everyday footwear and can bring an added note of fun and frivolity to the beach wedding.