How to Choose a Beach Wedding Dress

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Nothing shouts casual fun louder than a beach wedding. But trust me, there’s nothing casual or fun about choosing a beach wedding dress. The dress cannot be too formal as it might not go with the theme. And if it’s too casual, you may end up looking whimsical. Here’s a simple guide to help you choose beach wedding attire:

Beach Wedding Attire

– Practical: When you opt for a destination wedding, your dress should be obviously suited for the occasion. The dress that you choose should be obviously wearable on the beach. Gowns with long trains, heavy materials like velvet, are impractical in a beach environment thanks to the heavy wind and sand. You’re probably going to be walking on a uneven aisle; hence choosing a beach wedding dress with heavy embroidery and ornate embellishments won’t make sense. But it’s also going to be windy and stitching the hem lines with small weights might make sense and prevent some Marilyn Monroeesque moments!

– Shoes: You can either choose to go barefoot, but if you have to wear shoes, choose ones that are comfortable. In fact, sandals are perfect for beach weddings. These come with simple embellishments and are stylish without the need to accessorize, yet comfortable.

– Size: For those who are required to fly to their destinations, consider the fact that your dress would have to make the trip from one end to another. It has to manageable enough to be carried over long distances without too much fuss.

Remember these are just guidelines and there are no hard and set rules. It’s your wedding, and the only rules that are applicable are those that YOU make! If you fancy a formal gown for the wedding, go ahead.