Colors That Make A Unique Beach Wedding

If you’re opting to have a beach wedding you’re obviously looking to be different and adventurous! The whole point of having such a wedding is that you get to let go of orthodox norms and express your true emotions freely! It only makes sense that your partner and you both signal your freedom of thought and expression in the way you dress as well! What you wear on your wedding day is what truly speaks about the way you feel that day!

Crucial Ingredient Involved in Wedding

Probably the most crucial ingredient involved in getting your beach wedding attire right is colour! You’ve absolutely got to get it right in order to set the right mood for your wedding. White is probably the most commonly used colour. While this is a safe option which can never really go wrong, it is my opinion, that you should look to bring some color into your wedding ensemble. So what other options do you have? Well¦.pastel colours are a good bet. They’re breezy, light and in sync with the beach wedding idea itself. Pastel yellows and blues suit most people however you’ve got to exercise caution when experimenting with the reds, greens and violets. Men should team this up with neutral simple pants which again look better in lighter shades, especially in beige.

And then of course there is the option of highlighting your outfit with dashes of colour, in which case you should start of with a light, neutral base and add dashes of brighter or darker shades. A white dress with maroon accents and highlighting for example, could prove to be a gorgeous beach wedding dress!

You’re the best judge when it comes to deciding this particular matter, but seeking the assistance of professionals skilled in this could prove quite handy! Just remember though, the colour you wear will determine the colour of the moment!

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